LexisNexis® Law Schools

 You may continue to use the legal content and news you have as a law student all summer long.  Use Lexis Advance® for any purpose – including work* you perform at a law firm, corporation or government agency.

Use your Lexis Advance ID all summer long for:

  • Any purpose at all
  • All legal content and news you have as a law student
  • Unlimited hours-per-week

 With your Lexis Advance ID, you don’t need to do anything else to have summer access. Just be sure you have some training under your belt, particularly Think Like A Lawyer program training and certification – so you can use the “best legal information solution**” this summer.


You may use your Lexis Advance ID for all legal work* purposes, including non-profit work, from the date your classes end this spring until the end of the summer. Normal law school terms of service apply outside of these dates.

Graduating 3Ls, you can register for one of our Graduate Program IDs that will extend your access beyond graduation. To learn more, visit www.lexisnexis.com/grad-access.

*If you are working in a larger law firm over the summer you will likely have no need to use your law school ID as Lexis will be providing extensive free access to Summer Associates in these firms. If your particular firm does not have dedicated free Summer Associate access, feel free to continue to use your law school ID.

**2013 CODiE Award for Best Legal Information Research Service (Software and Information Industry Association).

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Thomson Reuters wants you to succeed in your academic pursuits this summer. If you need your WestlawNext password for summer school or another educational use, you can extend it for the summer and enjoy the same access to WestlawNext you have during the school year.

You can extend your WestlawNext password if you participate in one of the following:

  1. Summer law school classes and study abroad programs
  2. Law review and journal – including write-on competitions
  3. Research assistant
  4. Moot court
  5. Unpaid internship/externship

Extend Your Password

Why is it Important to Use a Firm Password for a Summer Job? Your Future Success!

Law firms have told us that using a law firm password is in your best interest. So, before you use an academic password for summer associate work at a law firm, corporation, or government organization, consider the following:

  • Practice Ready – An important function of any summer position is to help you become a practice-ready member of a law firm, corporation, or government organization. This involves understanding the resources and best practices of your employer – including being able to conduct research within the bounds of your employer’s WestlawNext plan.
  • Collaboration – Sharing research saved to Folders on WestlawNext allows you to work in collaboration with attorneys and other summer associates within the law firm, corporation, or government organization. Folders are not shareable between student passwords and other types of passwords; thus, to collaborate with others this summer, the use of a password from a law firm, corporation, or government organization is essential.
  • Billing – Tracking time spent conducting billable legal research is an essential skill for all attorneys, and vitally important to the operation of law firms. Learn this necessary skill by using a law firm, corporate, or government password this summer.
  • Confidentiality – Client confidentiality is a hallmark of the legal profession. Legal research is considered work product. Keep it confidential by using a law firm, corporate, or government password.

Thomson Reuters wants you to succeed this summer and in your future career. Using the correct password is essential for excelling academically and becoming a practice-ready member of a law firm, corporation, or government organization.

No restrictions on summer use.
Bloomberg Law can help you during your summer employment to make a great impression. Use your Bloomberg Law account and the Prepare to Practice links below to efficiently perform all of your summer work assignments. Our Prepare to Practice sessions walk you through a sample litigation and transactional law assignment with practical tips and guidance.