Did you know you can read your BNA reports on an iPad and/or iPhone?

All of the BNA Law Reports are available on an iPhone and iPad app. … Banking and Bankruptcy, BioTech, Daily Labor, Environment, Family, Health, Government, International, Pensions, Tax, Securities, Criminal, Securities, US Law Week, and IP  are just a few.

On a mini iPad, USLaw Week looks like this:


If you have an iPad or iPhone, go to the App Store and search “BNA Bloomberg.”  Choose Law Reports. After you’ve installed the free App and you open it, enter our user name and password (email me for these bondareh@wustl.edu.)

iPad users will also options to download a BNA Insights as well as several subject specific news and reference apps. iPhone users have access to the Tax Center apps.  You will  only need to enter the user name and password the first time you use a new app.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help