Missouri Register is issued twice per month.  Emergency rules, proposed rules, and orders of rulemaking (final rule) are published in the Missouri Register as well as Executive Orders.  The Orders of Rulemaking (Final Rule) is then published in the Code of State Regulations, which is updated monthly.  The rule’s effective date is found in the authority section at the end of the rule.  In the alternative, the rule becomes effective 30 days after it is published in the Code.  Indexes available in the Missouri Register are: Rule Changes Since Update to Code of State Regulations and a General Index.

If you need a copy of the code as of a certain date, say 1990, recent editions of the code are available on the web, http://www.sos.mo.gov/adrules/  For older materials, we suggest calling  the Administrative Rules Division @  (573) 751-4015.  Usually, your request will be filled within two days.  If the material is archived, it may take a bit longer.  The cost to copy is $00.10 per page.  The cost to fax is $2.00 per page.

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Mark Kloempken and Tove Klovning