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| November 19, 2013

We recently received a research question regarding H.R. 4646, 111 Cong. (2010).   According to the researcher, the bill levied a 1% tax on all bank transactions; all direct deposits an expenditures.  The researcher stated that they had verified this information as accurate at  However, this does not entirely settle the question for a […]

Are you seeking Missouri Legislative History Documents?

| November 12, 2013

At the federal level a legislative history documents consist of bills and their amendments, hearings, committee reports, debates, and presidential statements which are easily accessible both in print and online via FDSys.  The Missouri General Assembly on the other hand does not publish any committee hearing or reports for public access. There are very few […]

BNA iPad & iPhone Apps

| November 11, 2013

 Did you know you can read your BNA reports on an iPad and/or iPhone? All of the BNA Law Reports are available on an iPhone and iPad app. … Banking and Bankruptcy, BioTech, Daily Labor, Environment, Family, Health, Government, International, Pensions, Tax, Securities, Criminal, Securities, US Law Week, and IP  are just a few. On […]