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Research Assistants Announcement

Call for Research Assistants for Professor Sepper

Professor Elizabeth Sepper is seeking one or more students to work on projects related to antidiscrimination law, healthcare, and religious refusals beginning immediately. RAs will conduct research regarding discrimination in public accommodations, like stores and restaurants; regulation of discrimination in healthcare; and the impact of religious restrictions on healthcare access. Familiarity with Westlaw and the Bluebook is required; familiarity with social science and history databases is a plus. The position is paid at normal research assistant rates. If interested, please submit your CV (including at least one WashU Law professor reference) and a writing sample to Professor Sepper at

Sponsored by Professor Elizabeth Sepper
For more information, contact Elizabeth Sepper at or (

Call for Student Editors

The Harris Institute is seeking 2-3 students for a paid editing position to work on an exciting book project. Editors will primarily be Bluebooking and cite checking. Journal or other editing experience is required. Interested students should submit a cover letter, resume and writing sample to Bethel Mandefro at

Sponsored by Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute
For more information, contact Bethel Mandefro at

Scholarship, Grant & Contest Announcements

"Representing Real People" Scholarship

Patrick Malone & Associates is offering two scholarships of $5,000 each to law students committed to a career representing individuals serving in legal career paths such as elder law, immigration law, disability rights, and more. You can find out more about the scholarship by going to

Sponsored by Patrick Malone & Associates
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 93-54605

2016 Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Law School Scholarship

The Law Office of Misspelled WordRenkin & Associates is pleased to announce the 2016 Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Law School Scholarship. This scholarship was established to provide financial support to a student whose life has been impacted by lymphoma or leukemia and is seeking to continue his or her education through law school. The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who submits the required application and essay by July 31, 2016. For more information and to download the application, please visit

Sponsored by Renkin & Associates
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 93-54605

The 2016 Ed Mendryzycki Essay Contest - EXTENDED DEADLINE

This writing competition is open to law students who have enrolled as members of the American Bar Association no later than February 19, 2016. This year's contest hypothetical involves the ethical concerns arising under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct where a U.S. based law firm seeks to acquire foreign law firms in an effort to better serve and expand its international client base. The winning essay will be awarded a cash prize of $5,000. THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED and entries now must be received electronically or post-marked by February 19, 2016. For the full essay contest hypothetical and rules, visit

Sponsored by ABA
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

The Expert Institute's Annual Legal Writing Scholarship

Blog posts are a new way for attorneys to educate and persuade, and to participate in a broader legal discourse with their peers. In recognition of the importance of online legal writing, The Expert Institute is offering a $2,000 scholarship for the best legal blog post written by a law student on the topic of expert witnesses. To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must submit a 1,000 to 2,500 word blog-style article on the use of expert witnesses in litigation. To win, your article has to be logically rigorous and substantive, as well as engaging and entertaining. Ideally, lay people should be able to understand and enjoy the article, while lawyers should find it useful and insightful. Deadline for submission is December 31, 2016. Go to for detailed contest information.

Sponsored by The Expert Institute
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

Law School Scholarship for Single Parents

In order to help single parents working toward a degree in law, the medical malpractice attorneys at Biancheria & Maliver P.C. are offering one $1,500 scholarship to a short essay contest participant. Our goal is to help single parents pursue their goals and relieve some of the financial burden of higher education. To apply, please include your professional resume, work history, education institution, and current/most recent GPA, along with a brief essay of 200 words or less about what you plan to do with your law degree. This can include where you plan to practice, what type of law, small or large firm, your inspiration for choosing to practice law, etc. Please send application to All submissions must be received by 12am on June 1, 2016. For more information, visit .

Sponsored by Biancheriz & Maliver, P.C.
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 93-54605

Ehline American Military Vets Scholarship

The Ehline Law Firm is now accepting applications to its essay contest. To enter, applicants should write a 500 word (or more) essay about why military vets can make a difference in improving the image of the practice of law. Candidates must be enrolled in an accredited law school, have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 (or higher) and provide proof of honorable discharge. Deadline for submission is October 1, 2016. For more information, visit

Sponsored by The Ehline Law Firm
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 93-54605

Wolters Kluwer Legal Scholars Program

The Wolters Kluwer Legal Scholars Program invites current law students to compete for the chance to have their work published in a Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory Solutions Publication. Categories for submission are: health law, cybersecurity, products liability, and employment law. Applicants may apply once to each category. Submissions will be accepted through April 1, 2016. For full contest rules, visit

Sponsored by Wolters Kluwer
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

Smith-Doheny Legal Ethics Writing Competition

All students with an interest in legal ethics are invited and encouraged to participate in this annual writing competition. Entries should concern any issue within the general category of legal ethics. Entries will be judged on their clarity, coherence, creativity, insight, and master of the rules and cases relevant to the topic of the essay in question. The best submission will win a $2,500 prize. Deadline for submission is Friday, April 29. For detailed contest information, go to .

Sponsored by Notre Dame Law School
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

2016 Bruning Law Firm Essay Contest

The attorneys of The Bruning Law Firm are pleased to announce a $500 college scholarship to the winner of their annual essay contest. In order to apply, applicants must submit a 500-word essay answering the following question by 12/01/2016: What law or laws would you create to make the roads safer? Completed essay should be submitted as an attachment to . Please visit for more information.

Sponsored by Bruning Law Firm
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

American Accident Awareness Attorney Writing Competition

Naqvi Injury Law announces its American Accident Awareness Attorney Writing Competition. To enter, applicants should submit an original 500+ word essay about how driving and texting has affected your life or impacted someone you know. The winning essay will receive a $2,000 scholarship. Completed applications must be submitted by May 30th, 2016. For contest rules, please visit .

Sponsored by Naqvi Injury Law
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

AIAG Law Marketing Scholarship

The American Injury Attorney Group (AIAG), a national legal marketing company based in Little Rock, Arkansas, is offering a scholarship worth $1,250 to one deserving student. Applicants of the AIAG Marketing Scholarship should submit a marketing strategy or idea that personal injury attorneys could utilize to attract potential clients. Applicants should include all media (print, graphic, video, etc.) to be used to facilitate the message, as well as the channels or centers of influence through which the strategy would be utilized. All essays should be original, 500+ words, and include an analysis of current trends in personal injury marketing across all media and explain how the proposed strategy is an improvement on, or complement to, those trends. Applications are due no later than April 30, 2016. For detailed contest information, go to .

Sponsored by AIAG Law Marketing Group
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

DISH 2016 "Best in Class" eDiscovery Legal Research and Writing Competition

The DISH "Best in Class" eDiscovery Legal Research and Writing Competition encourages law students to develop a thorough understanding of the evolution of and practice of Information Governance and Discovery in civil litigation. This competition is designed to challenge law students to explore the evolving issues of document management, electronically stored information, and ever-expanding technology - along with their application to the law. The first grand prize is $2,500; second place prize is $1,000. The submission deadline is Monday, April 11, 2016. Additional contest information can be found on the contest website at

Sponsored by DISH Network, L.L.C.
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

The Reeves Law Group Scholarship

The Reeves Law Group is awarding a $3,000 scholarship to a deserving law student who authors a winning essay in our fourth annual Scholarship Essay Contest. Tell us about contributions you have made or are currently making to help a non-profit institution, a specific group, your local community, or the public at large. Tell us also how you intend to use your legal training to advance those goals. The scholarship will be awarded to the applicant who best demonstrates a genuine desire and goal of using the legal system to fix problems or improve conditions in our society. Worthy deeds that you have already performed will be considered. The deadline for submitting essays is December 15, 2016. Please send your story to For detailed information, go to

Sponsored by The Reeves Law Group
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

Call for Postdoctoral Fellowship Applications for the Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women's Hospital

The Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics at Brigham and Women's Hospital Department of Medicine and Harvard Medical School invites its 2016 round of applications for postdoctoral fellows in pharmaceutical law and health services research. Current fellows have studied FDA regulation, patents, drug access and costs, and competition in the therapeutic marketplace. Other areas of focus include intellectual property, ethics, and comparative effectiveness, as well as the development, approval, and evidence-based use of drugs, devices, vaccines, procedures, and diagnostics. Applicants are invited from researchers with doctoral degrees (J.D., M.D., Ph.D., Pharm.D., or equivalent) or who will complete such training by July 2016. Fellows will have an appointment at Harvard Medical School. The deadline is February 19, 2016. To apply, please send a CV, writing sample, and cover letter to Further information can be found at

Sponsored by Harvard Medical School
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 93-54605

First Annual Criminal Record Policy Essay Competition

The Foundation for Continuing Justice and the Law Firm of Higbee & Associates are pleased to announce the first Annual Criminal Record Policy Essay Competition and Scholarship for law students. This inaugural competition will award seven cash prizes. The competition is intended to expand the awareness of the consequences of criminal records and the laws that govern their retention, dissemination and expungement, as well as to encourage research into the ways to improve related laws. To submit your essay online or to learn more about the contest go to

Sponsored by The Foundation for Continuing Justice
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 93-54605

2016 Tannenwald Writing Competition

Named for the late Tax Court Judge Theodore Tannenwald, Jr., and designed to perpetuate his dedication to legal scholarship of the highest quality, the Tannenwald Writing Competition is open to all full or part-time law school students. Papers on any federal or state tax-related topic may be submitted in accordance with the competition rules at Cash prizes of $5,000, $2,500, and $1,500 for the top three papers. Deadline for submitting papers is 9:00 p.m., EST, July 1, 2016. For more information contact Nancy Abramowitz at

Sponsored by The Theodore Tannenwald, Jr. Foundation for Excellence in Tax Scholarship
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

2016 Peck Law Firm Scholarship

The Peck Law Firm of Charleston, SC is proud to announce the 2016 Peck Law Firm Scholarship. The Peck Law Firm helps men and women find solutions to their divorce, child custody, alimony, property division, and family law problems. This scholarship will be judged and awarded primarily on academic achievement and a written response of not more than 1,500 words to the question: What effects will the legalization of gay marriage have on religion, culture, and/or family law in America? Any student seeking the scholarship must complete an on-line application. All written scholarship submission materials must be received by 11:59 PM EST on May 31, 2016. The winner will be announced on July 31 and will receive a one-time award of $2,000 to be used for school-related expenses.

Sponsored by Peck Law Firm
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

Pickard Parry Pfau Southpaw Scholarship

Pickard Parry Pfau, personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas, are pleased to promote higher education and give back to the community with a $1,500 scholarship opportunity for southpaws. The competition is open to left-handed college or graduate students who live in the United States. This competition is not based on financial need, but on creativity, humor, and overall quality. Applicants are required to upload a video to YouTube. Please read all application requirements carefully. Entries that do not meet ALL requirements will be automatically disqualified from the contest without notification to the applicant. Deadline for entry is July 31, 2016. More information can be found at .

Sponsored by Pickard Parry Pfau Southpaw Scholarship
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

2016 Moses and Rooth Legal Writing Scholarship

Moses and Rooth, a Criminal Defense Law Firm located in Orlando, FL, is offering a $1,000 scholarship. Applicants must have a 3.0 or higher GPA, submit a transcript, and a short essay on America's War on Drugs. Deadline for entry is June 1, 2016. For more information, please visit

Sponsored by Moses & Rooth
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

Labor and Employment Law Student Writing Competition

The College of Labor and Employment Law and the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law are pleased to announce their 2015-16 writing competition. Entries should address aspects of public or private sector labor and/or employment law relevant to the American labor and employment bar. Students are encouraged to discuss a public policy issue, practical implications of a leading case or doctrine, a statute or the need for statutory modification, or a common law doctrine. The first place winning article will be published in the ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law. Monetary awards also available. The deadline for entry is June 15, 2016. For submission requirements, go to

Sponsored by The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. 2016 Law School Diversity Scholarship

Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. is accepting applications for its 2016 Law School Diversity Scholarship. Students who currently attend an accredited law school within the United States are eligible to apply. Applicants must be a member of an ethnic, racial, or other minority, or demonstrate commitment to issues of diversity within their community. The deadline for submitting an application is April 1, 2016. Go to for more information.

Sponsored by Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

Student Updates

Spring 2016 Counseling Groups and Workshops through Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides various counseling groups and workshops throughout the semester. Some are drop-in, while others require registration. Opportunities include: Interpersonal Growth -- This interactive group explores our patterns of relating to others and ourselves. Day, time, and location TBA. Origins: The Family and the Self -- This is an interpersonal growth group with a particular emphasis on issues related to family. Day, time, and location TBA. Dissertation Support -- This group offers support with the dissertation writing process. Space is limited! Fridays, 3:00-4:30pm at Student Health Finding Your Center -- This workshop series incorporates a number of holistic strategies that help students quiet their mind and feel more focused. Fridays, 2:15-3:45, March 25-April 29, location TBA Body Image Support Group -- This new group is an 8-week support group for students who are interested in exploring issues around the body. Fridays, 10:00-11:30am in South 40 House, Meeting Room 1. ADHD Support Group -- This drop-in group provides peer support, accountability, and practical strategies for students with ADHD. Mondays, 4:00-5:00, Seigle 206. Mindfulness, Coping & Resilience -- This drop-in workshop series develops skills that help combat depression, anxiety, motivation and performance problems, and poor self-image. Fridays, 2:10-3:00pm, Student Health

Sponsored by Student Health Services
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 93-54605

Interested in Trial Team? Join us as a witness!

We are looking for interested students to serve as witnesses as we prepare for our National Trial Competition! Witnesses will receive a statement prior to practice and will be coached by a student attorney before taking the stand. Only requires an hour of your time and in return, you'll get some great courtroom experience and an opportunity to interact with our coaches and attorneys! Contact Sapna Khatri for more information!

Sponsored by Trial Team
For more information, contact Sapna Khatri at or (417) 693-7871

BEC Bench to Business Challenge Spring 2016

Participate in the BioEntrepreneurship Core's upcoming business plan competition on the Med Campus ! Form interdisciplinary teams and present your idea to a panel of STL startup gurus ! Stand a chance to win $2000 in cash and prizes in-kind worth more ! Deadline for Exec Summary: Mar 24th, 2016

Sponsored by The BioEntrepreneurship Core (BEC)
For more information, contact Samarth Hegde at or (469) 995-1415

Applications for Graduate Student Representative to the Board of Trustees Now Open

Applications for Graduate Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees for the 2016-17 academic year are now open. The two grad student representatives act as the voice for all graduate and professional students on the Board and on its committees. This position also offers tremendous benefits for the student reps: An inside look at the operation of a complex organization; Close interaction with top University officials and Trustees; and The opportunity to advocate important graduate student issues before the Board. The time commitment is manageable and students from the School of Law have held the position several times in the past. Application deadline: Tuesday, February 16 at 12:00 p.m. For those interested in applying, information sessions hosted by current graduate student representatives will be held on: February 2, 12:00-1:00 p.m. in the Liberman Graduate Center, Danforth University Center, Third Floor, Room 300 (Danforth Campus) February 3, 12:00-1:00 p.m. in the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center, Room 202 (Medical Campus) For more information and the application, visit

Sponsored by Grad Student Reps
For more information, contact Carrie Burns at or (314) 935-4605

Negotiation Competition

Attention 1Ls! Put your negotiation skills to work during the upcoming 1L Negotiation Competition. There will be a mandatory meeting on February 3 at noon in the Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom (No. 310), where you will learn about the competition logistics. Sign-up posters will be available on the second floor during the week of January 25 and the sign-up deadline is 5 p.m. on February 5. The preliminary rounds of the competition will be held throughout the day on February 13, and the final rounds will be held on the evening on February 15.Please see the posters on the second floor for more details.

Sponsored by Trial and Advocacy Program
For more information, contact Dorothy Campbell at or (314) 935-7964