Cheryl D. Block - Publications

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Forthcoming Scholarships

  • Overt and Covert Bailouts: Developing an Effective Public Policy, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2011)
  • “Taxation, Privatization, and Disaster Relief” (in manuscript)
  • “War of the Words: Congress, the President, and Budget Rhetoric” (in manuscript)
  • “The Different Faces of Consistency in the Administration of Federal Income Tax Laws” (in manuscript)
  • “Tyranny of the Superminority” (in manuscript)


  • Corporate Taxation: Examples & Explanations, Aspen Law and Business (4th ed., 2010)


  • "A Contiuum Approach to Systematic Risk and Too-Big-To-Fail" 6 Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial, and Commercial Law 289 (2012) [PDF]
  • “Measuring the True Cost of Government Bailouts” 88 Washington University Law Review 149 (2010) [PDF]

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