Faculty Attend Law and Society Association Annual Meeting

Three WashULaw faculty members participated in the 2024 Law and Society Association Annual meeting in June. William Gardiner Hammond Professor of Law MJ Durkee served as chair and discussant on the paper session, “Reconceiving and Reordering International Rights” while Professors Trevor Gardner and Ben Levin participated in the roundtable session “Police, Democracy, and Local Government.”

Professor Durkee’s session examined the concept that transnational legal orders often crystallize around foundational concepts or principles. The related papers explored an ‘animal turn’ in European jurisprudence, addressed legal orders in the anthropocene, and theorized that genocide is the product of collective intent.

Professor Durkee is also the chair of the Law and Society Association’s Collaborative Research Network 36: Transnational and Global Legal Ordering.

Professors Gardner and Levin’s session spoke on the theme of policing and local government to try to make sense of the descriptive and normative questions raised by the interaction between the police and local power.

Recent scholarship from Professors Durkee, Gardner, and Levin includes:

States, Firms, and their Legal Fictions: Attributing Identity and Responsibility to Artificial Entities (Durkee), published by Cambridge University Press

The Conflict Among African American Penal Interests: Rethinking Racial Equity in Criminal Procedure (Gardner), published in University of Pennsylvania Law Review

Redistributing Justice (Levin), forthcoming in Columbia Law Review