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Washington University School of Law Printing


PaperCut, a Pay-For-Print print management system, has been implemented at the Law School.  Students will begin each academic year with a $60.00 printing credit.   This translates into 1500 single-sided pages.   

There are five printers available for student printing in A-B Hall -- one in the computer lab (2nd floor), two near the microfiche stacks (2nd floor), one on the 1st floor, and one on the 4th floor. All printers on the 2nd floor have duplexing enabled (two-sided printing).  The printers on the first and fourth floors DO NOT have duplexing capabilities. 

Students will use their WustlKey to log in and their WU Campus Card to pay for printouts.
WustlKey Info:
Campus Card Info:

Charges for Printing:
One-sided Printing:  4 cents per sheet
Two-sided Printing:  6 cents per sheet (3 cents per side)

Release Stations: There will be Release Stations located near each of the printers configured for laptop printing (all printers outside the lab).  When a student sends a print job from their laptop or one of the Walk-Up Terminals the job will be placed in the release station queue.  Students will log into one of the release stations with their WustlKey credentials to “release” their print jobs to the printer.  Print jobs will remain in the release station queue for thirty minutes. 

Printing from the Computer Lab: Send your print job as you normally would.  The default printer will be the printer located in the back of the computer lab.  Additionally, students will be able to manually select the print release queue if they so choose. 

Printing from Walk-Up Terminals:  Send your print job as you normally would to a local printer.  The print job will automatically be sent to the print release queue.  Log into the print release station of your choice and “release” the job to the associated printer. 

Printing from your Laptop:  You will need to follow the instructions located on the STS website (link below) to configure your laptop to print. Once you have configured your computer, you can print to the WUSTLprint queue. As already stated, print to this printer like you would any other printer and you can release your print jobs at any printer with a Release Station.  NOTE: You must connect to a non-Guest wireless network before you can install or use the printers.  You will not be able to print if you are connected to the GUESTWIFI-WUSTL networks.
  Installation Instructions