Freeware and Shareware for Windows - Archived

Where can I get freeware and shareware for MS Windows?

The following web sites provide shareware and freeware of interest to Windows users:

  • is a large software site focusing on Internet utilities, with reviews of software. It also has a good search function.
  • Winsite, (formerly CICA) at, contains one of the largest available selections of Windows 3.x, 95 and NT software.
  • SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm) at, offers a large selection of shareware for DOS, Windows 3.x and NT, and OS/2.
  • The Virtual Software Library at will help you search the major Internet shareware archives for program descriptions that match the words you supply. If the search is successful, you get a list of links to all known mirror sites that archive that program (as well as an option to start an Archie search for other sources). At the time of this review, the library database knew of 160,000 files in more than 20 archives, containing software for Unix, Macintosh, Windows, DOS, OS/2, and Amiga, as well as various game software.
  • The Microsoft Software library (MSL) files are a subset of the Microsoft Knowledge Base. It is located at: The MSL contains over 1900 files comprised of various drivers, appnotes, sample code, patches, large documents and other information.
  • Both "The Global Network Navigator," at
    and "Yahoo" at contain many links to shareware resources via the World Wide Web.
  • is Walnut Creek's software repository.
  • contains a majority of the Winsite (formerly CICA)Windows files, and a fair amount of non-Winsite material in the /windows directory. Note that Garbo is located in Finland; North American users should avoid ftping from this site to decrease transatlantic congestion.¬†