FTP Bullet Instructions - Archived

File Transfer Protocol Client


How do I transfer files from my directory (H: drive) to a computer at home or any other computer outside of the Law School?

If you need to retrieve or send files to your home directory or H drive while outside the Law School, you  will need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client.  If you do not have one installed on your computer go to step 1, now.

  1. Download Bullet FTP here. 
  2. Once installed, product will run for 30 days or so.  You will have to register this program and pay a small fee after that.
  3. Now open Bullet FTP and enter abhall.wustl.edu in the host field.
  4. Enter your username/password (for Novell) and simply click the handshake icon.

You should now have access to your law school H drive.

Note:  If any further help with this program is required, please refer to the help files which accompany this product.