2014 commencement photo

Severe Weather Plan - School of Law

The University ceremony will remain in the Brookings Quadrangle even during heavy rain and inclement weather. In the event of severe weather, you will need to follow the instructions below. Information is subject to changes.  (updated 4/23/15)  


As Commencement day approaches, we would like to remind you that although a warm, sunny day is expected, this is St. Louis—and severe weather is always a possibility. In preparation for the possibility of Severe Weather, it is important that all students familiarize themselves with the University’s Severe Weather plan.

If Washington University adopts the Severe Weather plan at 7 a.m. on Friday, the University-wide Ceremony will convert to an undergraduate only ceremony. Due to space constraints, Law School Students and their guests will not attend.

The Law School Group Photo will be rescheduled to 10 a.m. with JDs in the Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom (AB Hall, No. 310) and LLMs, MJSs, and JSDs in the Jordan Foundation Classroom (AB Hall, No. 204).

If the weather is severe at 9 a.m., the Law Commencement Ceremony will be moved to the Athletic Complex. The Law Commencement Ceremony will then be at 5:00 p.m. Click here to view a map of the campus.

In the event of an indoor ceremony, all remaining guests will be asked to view a simulcast of the Law Commencement Ceremony in Anheuser-Busch Hall in the following rooms:
Bryan Cave Moot Courtroom (310), Morris Classroom (202), Jordan Foundation Classroom (204), and Peper, Martin, Jensen, Maichel and Hetlage Classroom (401).

Law Students will be notified if the Severe Weather plan goes into effect via email, the Law School homepage on the website, and digital signage in the law school buildings. Law Students and their guests may also check the Washington University homepage and listen to local TV and radio news broadcasts.

Questions? Contact - Jeanetta Nixon | Events Department | 314-935-6551