Conference Papers

Papers are posted when available and are password protected.  You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer if you choose to view the files through our website.  Links will open in a new browser window.

  • [view] A Cautious Defense of Intellectual Oligopoly With Fringe Competition
    By Mark Lemley
  • [view] Evaluating the Economic Performance of Property Systems
    By James Bessen
  • [view] Innovation and Variation In Copyright Policy
    By David McGowan
  • [view] Patent Notice Failure and Cumulative Innovation
  • By Michael J. Meurer
  • [view] Strong Steam, Weak Patents, or, the Myth of Watt’s Innovation-Blocking Monopoly, Exploded
    By George Selgin and John L. Turner
  • [view] Watt, Again? Boldrin and Levine Continue to Exaggerate the Adverse Effect of Patents on the Progress of Steam Power
    By George Selgin and John L. Turner