Conference on Commercializing Innovation Video

4-5 November 2005

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Friday Morning Session 1

View Video - Introduction
View Video - Michael Abramowicz, Commercializing the Public Domain 
View Video - Frank Partnoy & Shaun Martin, Patents as Options  
View Video - Henry Smith, Modularity and Intellectual Property 
View Video - Questions and Answer Session  

Friday Morning Session 2

View Video - F. Scott Kieff & Troy A. Paredes,  A Private Ordering Solution to the Public Problems of Anticommons,  
View Video - Josh Lerner, Innovation and Its Discontents  
View Video - Robert Merges, A Transactional View of Property Rights  
View Video - Questions and Answer Session  

Friday Afternoon Session 1

View Video - Introduction
View Video - John R. Allison, Arti K. Rai, & Bhaven Sampat, University Software: Patents, Open Source, and Commercialization   
View Video - John Duffy, Embryonic Patents: Prospects, Prophesies and Pedis Possession  
View Video - Mark Lemley, Are Universities the New Patent Trolls?  

Friday Afternoon Session 2

View Video - Introduction
View Video - Wesley Cohen, John Walsh & Charlene Cho, – Patents and Upstream Biomedical Innovation
View Video - Lisa Cook, Has Government Helped or Hindered the Commercialization of Innovation?: Evidence from African American Patentees, 1969 to 2003  
View Video - Chuck McManis & Sucheol Noh, The Impact of the BayhDole Act on Genetic Research and Development:    Evaluating the Arguments and Empirical Evidence to Date  
View Video - David Adelman, Mapping the Scientific Commons: Biotechnology Patenting from 1990 to 2004  
View Video - Paul C. B. Liu, William KuangWei Chueh, MongYao Ker, Successful Factors for Commercializing the Results of Research and Development – A Case Study of ITRI in Taiwa 
View Video - Question and Answer Session 

Saturday Morning Session 1

View Video - Terry L. Anderson and Gary D. Libecap, Environmental Economics through CoaseColored Glasses  
View Video - Stephen Haber, Access to Finance & the Technological Innovation: A Historical Experiment  
View Video - Naomi R. Lamoreaux and Ken Sokoloff, The Decline of the Independent Inventor: A Schumpeterian Story? 
View Video - Question and Answer Session  

Saturday Morning Session 2

View Video - Polk Wagner, The Federal Circuit’s Innovation Policy 
View Video - Richard Gold, Beyond Economics: Cultural and Institutional Barriers to Commercializing Innovation 
View Video - Clarisa Long 
View Video - Question and Answer Session