Videos - For Love or Money Conference

March 26-27, 2010

Title: Section I, Part 1 - Does Profit-Seeking Rule Out Love? Evidence (or Not) From Economics and Law
Description: 8:50am - Welcome by Professor Marion Crain
9:00am - Author: Julie Nelson, University of Massachusetts-Boston, Economics;
Discussant: Bill Bratton, Georgetown University, Law
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Title: Section I, Part 2 - The Complexity of Disentangling Intrinsic and Extrinsic Compliance Motivations: Theoretical and Empirical Insights From the Behavioral Analysis of Law
Description: 10:15am - Author: Yuval Feldman, Bar-Ilan University-Israel, Law
Discussant: Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff, Washington University, Law
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Title: Section I, Part 3 - "Friendship at Work"
Description: 11:30am - Author: Laura Rosenbury, Washington University, law
Discussant: Ethan Leib, University of California-Hastings, Law
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Title: Section II, Part 3 - "Testing as Commodification"
Description: 4:00pm - Author: Kate Silbaugh, Boston University, Law
Discussants:  Kieran Healey, Duke University, Sociology  and Kim Krawiec, Duke University, Law 
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Title: Section II, Part 1 - "Arm's Length Intimacy: Employment as Relationship"
Description: 1:30pm - Author: Marion Crain, Washington University, Law
Discussant: Scott Baker, Washington University, Law
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Title: Section II, Part 2 - "Enforcing Bargains in an Ongoing Marriage"
Description: 1:30pm - Author: Mary Anne Case, University of Chicago, Law
Discussant: Bob Pollak, Washington University, Economics
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Title: Section II, Part 4 - "Incorporating the Hendricksons"
Description: 1:30pm - Author: Larry Ribstein, University of Illinois, Law
Discussant: Bob Ellickson, Yale University, Law
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Title: Section III - "Money Can't Buy Me Love: Sex Therapy in the Age of Viagra"
Description: 10:30pm - Authors: Susan Appleton, Washington University, Law and
Susan Stiritz, Washington University, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Discussant: Adrienne Davis, Washington University, Law
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