Create Your Legacy

2012 is a special year in our history. Professor David M. Becker celebrates 50 years of teaching, friendship and mentorship. Honoring David would not be complete if it were not tied to some form of opportunity to create our own legacy through volunteerism. In the same spirit of encouraging alumni to support a financial commitment for scholarships, which is near and dear to David, equally important is a commitment to “leave our legacy” through our relationships with current students. As you look through the list of volunteer opportunities, please know that you honor David each and every time you share your time to connect with a student. He lived his life connecting with students (many of us in fact) and now it’s our turn to give back and lend a hand to the next generation.”  

Tatjana Schwendinger, JD72,
Chair, Attendance | David M. Becker 50th Celebration