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Our society needs smart, skilled leaders to tackle today's most pressing business, social, political, and environmental challenges. A law degree from top-ranked Washington University will prepare you to meet the world's challenges. Your success is our top priority. From day one our career planning professionals partner with you to craft effective job search strategies and to connect you with a powerful network of graduates. Now is the perfect time to apply to Washington University.

OCI and Journal Eligibility

All admitted transfer students are eligible to participate in OCI and the journal write-on competition. Once enrolled, we provide the same opportunities that would have been available had you started here.

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Transfer Admissions

The School of Law only reviews transfer applications for fall semester admission. Qualified transfer applicants (as determined by the admissions committee) who have completed one year at an ABA-accredited law school are admitted to the second year class on a space available basis.

The School of Law will accept for transfer a maximum of 30 semester hours earned at a student's previous institution (the number of semester hours earned by our first-year students). A minimum of 22 credits is required for transfer. Credit is not usually granted for law school courses beyond the first year. The School of Law will accept credit hours from other ABA accredited law schools as described above but not the associated grades.

Students who are currently in part-time programs are also eligible to apply for transfer. However, you must meet the credit minimum by August 1 (of the year of enrollment) and must be attending an ABA accredited institution.

Visiting Admissions

Visiting admission varies from transfer admission primarily in that it is a request to receive credits rather than a degree. Visiting students are students who are receiving credits from one institution to fulfill the degree requirements of another. In order to be eligible to visit, a candidate's primary institution must grant permission and agree to accept credits from the institution visited. This permission typically comes from the dean of students or registrar’s office.

The School of Law also accepts applications for visiting students. For more information, please contact Mary Ann Clifford, Assistant Dean of Admissions,

Transfer Admissions Contact Info
General questions: (314) 935-4525
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