First Year Law Students:
All first-year law students take the same first-year curriculum. The Registrar will assign students to sections and register all students for courses. First-year students are not permitted to take any additional courses.

Upper-Level Law Students:

Prior to Registration You Should…

Review the Academic Planning Guide: This guide contains information on degree requirements, credit limitations, and factors to consider when selecting classes.

Review General Upper-Level Registration Information:  This is the “how-to” registration guide and contains special registration instructions for Intensive Weekend Courses, Seminars, and non-law classes.

Run a degree audit through WUAchieve.

Clear any holds on your account: Students with an account balance of $100 or more will not be allowed to register.

Review Course Listings and thoroughly read the course descriptions and pre-requisites for each class.  Pay close attention to early drop deadlines.  If you register for a course without having a necessary pre-requisite, or if you are otherwise ineligible to register for a course, the system may still enroll you in the course and the problem will be caught after the registration period has ended and you will have to select another course after all students have completed course registration.

Meet with a faculty member, Associate Dean Elizabeth Walsh, Registrar Sarah Hellin or a peer academic advisor to discuss your schedule as it relates to your long-term plans.

Regular registration takes place in April for the Fall Semester and November for the Spring Semester via the University’s online registration system (WebSTAC). Consult the Academic Calendar (add link to Calendar) for the specific dates.

Pre-registration is available for upper-level students for Clinics prior to the April registration date. Students pre-register for BOTH FALL AND SPRING of the following academic year and are notified of course placements prior to regular online registration.

WebSTAC will allow students to be enrolled in or waitlisted for up to 17 units each semester (in the spring semester students can register for up to 18 units if they are taking a 1 unit course in the January Intersession). Overloads are not allowed.

Transfer Student Registration Information