The Student Health Services Student Portal allows students to securely communicate with providers, submit health history forms electronically, and schedule and cancel appointments online. The Student Portal is quick, easy to use, and protected by the highest website security available. The SHS Student Portal utilizes the WUSTL Key* for authentication.

WUSTL Key Information

Your WUSTL key* will be available in early July. After you receive your WUSTL key*, see the WUSTL Connect website for additional WUSTL Key* information.

Student Insurance

Since 1980, Washington University has had a mandatory health insurance program for international students. Although there have been recent changes in how the health insurance program will be administered, we will continue to require students on the Danforth Campus on Washington University’s F-1 program, as well as J-1 Exchange Visitors in the student category (degree or non-degree students), to be covered under the health insurance program offered through Student Health Service (SHS) on the Danforth Campus. This mandatory health insurance plan will provide the necessary financial safety net for international students, minimizing disruption in their academic program due to concern about medical bills. Students with F-1 and J-1 visas will be required to enroll in the university’s health insurance plan regardless of whether they have coverage through another provider.

Health Information Deadline

The deadline for completing your health information is not until August 17, 2019.

Health History Information

Student Health Services at the Habif Health & Wellness Center welcomes you to WUSTL! You must complete your health history, immunizations & meningitis information, and a brief family health history via the Student Health Services Student Portal by August 17th, 2019. This information is submitted through the Portal, and no physician signature is required. If you are not registered and are unable to access the Portal, please bring this information to SHS upon arrival at WUSTL.


Please refer to immunization requirements.

Using the Portal

Using the Online Scheduling is easy. Simply go to the Student Portal, enter your WUSTL Key*, wait a few seconds to be authenticated, then click the link to access the Washington University in St. Louis Health Services Student Portal. You will then be able to schedule, cancel or reschedule appointments, or upload and modify your health information forms.

Secure Messaging

You can initiate communication with and receive messages from your SHS provider through the Student Portal. Log into the Portal and select ‘Messages’ to initiate communication or read your provider’s responses.

The Secure Messaging tool uses the email address that is listed in WebSTAC to contact you, so please verify your WebSTAC email to ensure you receive your notifications.

Questions or problems?

If you are having trouble using the Student Portal, you can direct your questions or comments to Student Portal Services. Student Portal Services will then contact you as soon as possible.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Your WUSTL key will be available in early July.