Student attorneys in the Children’s Rights Clinic (CRC) represent children and youth involved in the juvenile justice, child welfare, child order of protection, and municipal court systems in the St. Louis area. Additional work includes representing relatives who are working to obtain custody of a child or children at risk of harm.

As lead counsel, student attorneys take responsibility for all aspects of a client’s case. The CRC provides students with the opportunity to engage in direct client representation, learn effective lawyering skills both in and out of court, grapple with ethical issues as they arise in the practice, and develop the skills to learn from experience. In addition, the clinic plays an important role in seeking to improve the juvenile and family justice systems in the St. Louis metro area.

Typical Student Activities

  • Serve as lead or co-counsel for clients and as primary contact with clients, court, opposing counsel, and others involved in clinic matters.
  • Appear in court on motions, pre-trial matters, settlement conferences, trials, dispositions, protective custody hearings, and review hearings.
  • Draft complaints, petitions, motions, GAL reports, memoranda of law, and discovery.
  • Advocate for clients with social services agencies and schools.
  • Engage in systemic reform efforts.
  • Conduct trainings on CRC related issues for stakeholders and members of the community.

Children's Rights Clinic Faculty

Faculty and Staff Directory
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Kathryn Banks

Assistant Dean for Clinical Education; Assistant Professor of Practice; Director, Children's Rights Clinic