Volume 7, Number 2 (2008)

Washington University Global Studies Law Review


U.N. Peacekeepers and Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: An End to Impunity
By Elizabeth F. Defeis
7 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 185 (2008)

Local Public Entrepreneurship and Judicial Intervention In A Euro-American and Global Perspective
By Christian Iaione
7 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 215 (2008)

Mapping Comparative Judicial Review
By Miguel Schor
7 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 257 (2008)


Landlords Beware, You May Be Renting Your Own Room...In Jail: Landlords Should Not Be Prosecuted For Harboring Aliens
By Sophie Marie Alcorn
7 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 289 (2008)

Pinkie Promises or Blood Oaths? Using Social Clauses in U.S. Free Trade Agreements to Eradicate Child Labor
 By Elizabeth B. Chilcoat
7 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV.  307 (2008)

How Brazil Achieved Energy Independence and the Lessons the United States Should Learn from Brazil's Experience
By Nancy I. Potter
7 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV.  331 (2008)

Overreaching Technological Means for Protection of Copyright: Identifying the Limits of Copyright in Works in Digital Form in the United States and the United Kingdom
By Christopher T. Wheatley
7 WASH. U. GLOBAL STUD. L. REV. 353 (2008)

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