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Anti-Virus/Windows Update Policy

In order to prevent virus problems from adversely impacting the Washington University School of Law computing network, all computers attached to the network must have up-to-date anti-virus software installed and all Microsoft Operating Systems must be completely patched and up to date using the Windows Update web page. Washington University School of Law currently uses the Symantec Anti-Virus product for faculty, staff, and any Law School PC that connects to the network.

Beginning in the fall semester of 2004, students who connect laptop computers to the Law School network must have anti-virus software installed. The School of Law will provide anti-virus software at no additional cost to the student, and the student may use this software as long as they are attending Washington University School of Law. The IT department must approve any exceptions to this policy.

While having anti-virus software is important, the protection it affords is only as good as the virus definitions loaded into it. New viruses are written and released daily, and it is essential to keep the definitions up-to-date to protect against new, rapidly spreading viruses.

Keeping your Microsoft Windows Operating System up-to-date is also imperative. Viruses and other malicious programs are constantly being written to exploit known holes in all Windows Operating Systems. It is very important to the stability of the network as a whole that all students keep their machines patched and updated using the Windows Update web site. For more information on how to keep your computer safe and up-to date please visit the Computer Support web page at: http://law.wustl.edu/computersupport/help and check out the "Protecting Your PC" section.

Any computer, which is found to not have anti-virus software installed, or which is not kept up-to-date will be disconnected from the network until the situation has been resolved. The potentially disruptive nature of certain viruses on a shared network can create problems for all users on the network. Thank you for your help keeping our network clean.

Student Signature Agreement
By signing below I verify that I am currently and will continue to adhere to the Washington University School of Law Anti-Virus/Windows Update Policy. I understand that any infraction of this policy is a violation of the Honor Code. Fill out your first and last name and your graduate year. Check the "I AGREE" box to indicate that you have read and understand the Anti-Virus/Windows Update Policy.

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