Web Services

The Web Services department is responsible for the maintenance and continuing development of the School's web services and applications.  The Director, and two Website Specialists work closely with departments throughout the school (including Computer Services, the Administration, Faculty, and student groups) to enhance the communicative and educational potential of the School's web site. 

Among other functions, the Site seeks to publicize events and provide digital resources to both the School and the larger legal community.  Some of the Site's more popular collections include the practice exams databank, electronic reserves library, seminar research guides and the SBA course outline collection. 

Beginning in Fall of 2006, the Site included a new Intranet with customized portals for all faculty, staff and students.  This Intranet will facilitate access to many of the course websites used by faculty to deliver assignments, readings, discussion forums and other essential academic materials.

Because the School's website is always undergoing development, student, staff and faculty suggestions for improvement are welcome.  Please contact the Director of Web Services at woodham@wustl.edu with your comments.