Plagiarism Form

Special Notice of Plagiarism

To:                 ___________________________________ (Name of Student)

From:             ___________________________________ (Name of Faculty Member)

Date:             ___________________________________

Notice is hereby given that, in the opinion of the above-named faculty member, work submitted by the above-named student contains one or more instance of plagiarism, as defined and elaborated in the Faculty Plagiarism Guidelines, available at /students/pages.aspx?id=1000.  Particulars are as follows:

Work Containing the Plagiarism (e.g., draft of seminar paper for _____________ (title of seminar), student note submitted to _______________ (name of publication), etc.)



Type of Plagiarism (per the Faculty Plagiarism Guidelines)



Copies of (1) at least one instance of the plagiarism and (2) the relevant provision(s) from the Faculty Plagiarism Guidelines are attached.


_____________________________________                      ________________________
Faculty Member’s Signature                                                       Date


No adjudication or other formal determination by the Honor Council has been made that the student engaged in the conduct described above. This notice is intended solely to serve as “formal written notice” within the meaning of the Honor Code (see Art. I, § E).  Submitting work that contains plagiarism after having received formal written notice concerning a substantially similar act of plagiarism is a violation of the Honor Code. By signing below, the student acknowledges receipt of this notice and the attachments referred to above on the date indicated.


_____________________________________                      ________________________
Student’s Signature                                                                    Date


NOTE:  A copy of this notice shall be given to, and retained by, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.