Truly St. Louis



When you think St. Louis, you have to think Anheuser-Busch.  Not only are they one of the world’s largest breweries, but you will also feel their influence all over St. Louis from community recycling programs to the building where you go to law school. []

Toasted Ravioli

Invented in 1943 or 1944 (depending on who you talk to) at Oldani’s on The Hill.  Although others claim the invention, Oldani’s was first.

International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fameand St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

Only St. Louis would couple bowling and baseball.  You have to see it to believe it. [] and []

City Museum

See the world’s only completely recycled museum where you can visit an art-filled playground.  Don’t miss the outdoor MonstroCity, the walk-through whale, and the world’s largest pair of underpants.  []

Gooey Butter Cake

Legend has it that in the 1930s a German baker got the proportions wrong and the rest is history available at most area bakeries and grocery stores.

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

The Concrete mixed with candy, fruit and/or nuts is a St. Louis institution.  We hear that when Dairy Queen couldn’t buy the recipe, they came up with their own imitation called the Blizzard, which can’t touch the original. [ 

Blueberry Hillon The Loop

The Loop neighborhoods answer to the best burger on the planet.  Not only do they have great food, but they also have thousands of pop-culture collections and a monthly performance by native St. Louisian Chuck Berry. []

Museum of Transportation

Other cities have them, but only St. Louis has one dedicated to all the fun you could have on Route 66 (which went right through the city).  You have to check out the Coral Court Motel St. Louis’ infamous Route 66 rendezvous spot that offered drive-in units.  []

Provel™ Cheese

Developed as a shelf-stable cheese for St. Louis-style pizza.  It is not a shorthand name for provolone, but a processed cheese of cheddar, swiss and provolone.  Out-of-towners aren’t convinced, but it is worth a try.

St. LouisStyle Pizza

A thin crust pizza topped with Provel, round and cut into squares.  Imo’s Pizza is the inventor.

American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog

It may sound a little offbeat, but this is a great place to celebrate the history of the dog through art. [] 

Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis

You will find everything from dollhouses to an entire recreated western town on display.  []

Bellefountaine Cemetery

A famous cemetery located in north St. Louis city where several prominent local citizens are buried, including William Clark (explorer), William S. Burroughs (beat writer), Tom All (world bare knuckle boxing champion), Eberhard Anheuser & Adolphus Busch (founded Anheuser-Busch brewery), James Eads (bridge builder), Roswell Field (Dred Scott’s lawyer and father of author & poet Eugene Field), and Albert Bond Lambert (aviator), as well as many others. []

Bigfoot 4X4

I’m not kidding, St. Louis is home to the famed vehicle of the monster truck circuit and movies.  The original monster truck is on display and it’s FREE to see. [] 

Graffiti Wall

Amazing graffiti art painted on the outside of a floodwall along the Mississippi.  This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill graffiti here, either, kids.  The painting of this wall is actually an annual event that takes place over Labor Day weekend.

The Arch

You haven’t seen St. Louis until you have seen it from the Arch.  Go ahead, be a cheesy tourist and get your picture taken by one of the legs and then take the tram ride to the top.  It’s worth it!  []

Vess Soda

I’m strictly a Coke person, but I fell in love with Vess Soda after moving to St. Louis.  Called the “billion bubble beverage,” I can guarantee you will love it too.  Try the cream soda!  

St. LouisStyle BBQ

Would you believe that St. Louis leads the world in per capita BBQ sauce consumption?  They don’t call them St. Louis style-ribs for nothing!


Joseph Pulitzer settled in St. Louis following the Civil War and quickly merged the two local newspapers to form a journalistic powerhouse.  The Pulitzer family and reputation have contributed greatly to the city of St. Louis. []

Blues Music

According to the St. Louis Tourism Board, there are more working blues musicians in St. Louis than any other place on the planet.  That is pretty cool!


Kind of like baseball but with a really small bat and ball, and no bases to run because it is played in a small area.  Invented in St. Louis, it became popular around the country when St. Louis servicemen introduced it to their buddies during World War II and the Korean conflict.