Protest Documents

These are propaganda materials collected, in printed format, in the St. Louis area. The original source of the Slave Consultant's Narrative has never been established. The other documents entered here were published and distributed by the local office of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party. They have been scanned and OCR'd. Some additions, such as internal linking, have been made to the contents to facilitate their online use. No deletions have been made. The electronic layout and presentation mimic the visual style of the paper documents as closely as is practical.

Warning: Washington University does not endorse the contents of these materials. We do support the principles of free inquiry and do believe that the existence of these materials should be acknowledged and preserved for social science scholars and as a chronicle of partisan efforts to inform, educate, and influence the social and political thinking of Missouri's Blacks.

You are hereby warned that the contents of these documents may be considered by some to be racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, inaccurate, forged, upsetting, violence-advocating, etc. They will not be removed.

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Comments, additional protest materials, complaints, and all-around spleen-venting may be sent to: Anne Taylor. I will respond at my own discretion.