Second Edition

The Reams CousinsBlacks have a rich and varied history in Missouri; as slaves, freedmen and freedwomen, settlers, teachers, soldiers, farmers... It is a history little known or appreciated--even by native African Missourians. This project is intended to provide access to some of our sad and wonderful history.

This homepage supplies links to information, articles, and narratives about the State's history taken from sources such as the Official Manual of the State of Missouri, Preservation Issues by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, African American Heritage of St. Louis by the St. Louis Public Library, the Black Studies Gopher of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and narratives provided by the Western Historical Manuscript Collection and University Archives (University of Missouri System).

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Index for articles from Preservation Issues and the African-American Archeology newsletter.

The Gruesome and Controversial:

Protest documents : These are propaganda materials collected in print in the St. Louis area. The source of the Slave Consultant's Narrative has never been established. The other documents entered here are published and distributed by the All African People's Revolutionary Party.

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