Diversity Committee

The SBA Diversity Committee strives to promote an understanding, respect, and celebration of diversity through awareness, programming, and advocacy within the law school community.  We believe that diversity includes race, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ability status, and any other characteristic protected by law.  As future members of the legal profession, we embrace the importance of diversity.

2012-2013 Academic Year 

Diversity Committee Chairperson :


Diversity Committee Members :

  • Isaac Amon 
  • Usha Balasubramanian 
  • Matthew Bell 
  • Carla Jordan-Detamore 
  • Danielle Skolnik 
  • Stephanie Tso   



Diversity Week is February 18 - 22! Click here for more details! 

The 2012-2013 Diversity Committee has been very active! Here are some things we have done this school year :  

Student Ambassador Program - Foreign-educated LLM students are an invaluable asset to the Washington University Law community, but because of their short stay and some cultural and linguistic challenges, those students often have a hard time integrating into that community. All of these students are full-fledged lawyers in their countries, some of them with many years of law practice at prominent law firms. In an ever- internationalizing legal market, they are a great resource to find out about the legal landscape abroad and about potential internships or jobs at a firm in a foreign country. They can be excellent language exchange partners and often become loyal friends for life and an important contact if you plan to travel abroad.  

In an effort to encourage integration and exchange of ideas among the JD and LLM students, the Diversity Committee established a Student Ambassador program in September 2012.   

International Trivia Night - The Diversity Committee, International Law Society, and Washington University International and Graduate Programs cosponsored an International Trivia Night in November 2012. There was food including pizza, cookies, candy, wine, and soda! There was also a lot of friendly competition and many prizes! 

Diwali Happy Hour - The Diversity Committee and the South Asian Law Students Association presented Diwali in November 2012, a celebration of lights and joy to bring in the Hindu New Year!  

Diversity Holiday Party - The Diversity Committee helped the Student Ambassadors celebrate the end of the semester with a fun holiday party in November 2012! Hot chocolate and hor doeuvers were served! This event was cosponsored by the Andres Pacheco Memorial Fund, a fund established in the memory of Andres Pacheco Gallardo, a member of Washington University Law's LLM Class of 2005.  After graduation, Andres was a successful lawyer in his home country of Chile, practicing criminal law and banking law at the Carey & Cia law firm in Santiago and teaching law at the university.  Andres's classmates set up the fund last year to promote participation by future classes of LLM students in the life and culture of Washington University School of Law. 

Diversity Intersession - The SBA Diversity Committee, Law & Social Work Society, and Professor Anna Shabsin (Brown School) worked with CSO to provide Diversity Training to 1Ls over Intersession in January 2013.  We were super excited to get this program back on the Intersession schedule for the second  year in a row, after launching a successful pilot program last year.  

The basic design of the program was to begin with a one hour presentation for all 1Ls by Professor Shabsin about the "Dynamics of Difference: Power and Privilege 101." This was followed by 45-minute break out sessions.  During these sessions, students selected their diversity area of interest (e.g. race, sexual orientation, class, etc.).  These sessions were student led  with two student facilitators per room. Facilitators were given a list of questions and activities to use to help facilitate discussion about diversity as well as that room’s specific topic. 

Lunar New Year Winery Trip - The Diversity Committee, China Law Society, and PAD cosponsored a trip to the wineries in Augusta, MO to celebrate Lunar New Year in February 2013! 

Diversity Week - The Diversity Committee is hosting Diversity Week in February 2013! There will be a lunchtime speaker series during the week of February 18th. We will also host a cultural food bonanza, movie night, and happy hour! Click here for details!