Bylaws of the Student Bar Association

Washington University School of Law







                A.  Purpose  The purpose of this bylaw is to advance certain goals that the Student Bar Association (“SBA”) deems essential to standing and ad hoc committees.  All constructions of this bylaw shall be made in light of the following goals:


1.                  Simplicity  The responsibilities of committees shall be easy to understand and administer.  This goal is intended to make the dissemination of information expedient and timely.


2.                    Openness  The responsibilities of committees shall be executed in a manner that maximizes public openness of the business of committees and minimizes potential for abuse.



II.                REPORTS


                A.  Reports by the Chair  The Chair of every standing and ad hoc committee shall make a report to SBA at all general meetings of SBA.  The report shall be submitted to the Secretary of Administration prior to the general meeting.  This report shall describe any activities conducted by the committee since the last general SBA meeting.


                B.  Absence of the Chair  In the event that the Chair is absent from a general meeting of SBA, prior to that absence the Chair shall:


1.        Submit a written report meeting the description provided in Section II (A)  to the Secretary of Administration,  and

2.        designate another member of the committee to present the oral report to SBA at the general meeting.