Bylaws of the Student Bar Association

Washington University School of Law







A. Purpose The purpose of this bylaw is to encourage members to attend the SBA general body meetings and other SBA functions. All constructions of this bylaw shall be made in light of this goal.


B. Scope This bylaw shall govern the manner in which the attendance of SBA members is assessed pursuant to Article V, Section 4(a) of the Constitution.


C.  Records The Secretary of Administration shall record attendance and maintain attendance records.


II.                ATTENDANCE POLICY


A.  General Rule SBA members are required to attend all SBA general body meetings. An SBA member is allowed three (3) unexcused absences a semester from the following duties:


1.       General Body meetings


2.       Committee meetings


3.       Commitments to SBA functions for which a member has volunteered.


B. Excused Absences A member may receive an excused absence by getting permission from either the President or Vice President before a general body meeting, getting permission from his or her committee chairperson before their committee meeting, or by getting permission from the person in charge of other non-meeting SBA functions.


III.                EXPULSION


A.      Upon the violation of Section II(A), the SBA member shall be subject to the rules and procedures set forth in Article VI of the Constitution.