Bylaws of the Student Bar Association

Washington University School of Law






                A.  Purpose  The purpose of this bylaw is to delineate methods which shall be used by the Student Bar Association (“SBA”) in amending bylaws.  All constructions of this bylaw shall be made in light of the following goal.

                Flexibility  The amendment process should be simple so that it may remain flexible as the need for new bylaws becomes apparent. 





A.      Proposal of New Bylaw A new bylaw may be proposed on one of two ways:


1.                 If the President determines that a new bylaw is needed, he or she may instruct the Vice-President to form a bylaw committee.


a.                  The committee shall consist of five other members, of which at least two have sat on SBA in previous years.


b.                  The committee shall meet as necessary to draft the new bylaw(s).


c.                  The Vice-President shall divide drafting duties among the committee members.  The entire committee will review the draft, and make revisions before submitting the bylaws to the general body.


d.                   The Vice-President will present the bylaws to the general body for a vote.


2.                  Any SBA member may draft a new bylaw and submit it to the general body for a vote.


3.                    The new bylaw must be approved by a majority of the SBA body.


B.       Amendment of Existing Bylaws


1.                 Bylaws shall be amended in accordance with the process elucidated in Section (II) (A) (1) of this bylaw.


2.                Amendments must be approved by a majority of the SBA body.