Bylaws of the Student Bar Association

Washington University School of Law







                A.  Purpose  The purpose of this bylaw is to define the process by which student organizations can request and receive budgets from the Student Bar Association (“SBA”).



II.            PROCEDURE


                A.  General Rule The Budget Committee (“Committee”) will propose, for SBA approval, a Budget each semester. The Treasurer shall monitor expenditures; and investigate and moderate any disputes regarding the Budget; and initiate ameliorative and disciplinary procedures where necessary.


                B.  Initiation of the Process Within the first three weeks of the fall semester and within the last two weeks of the fall semester, the Treasurer will transmit Budget Request Forms (“BRF’s”) to all official student groups. These groups shall file such BRFs within seven days with the Treasurer.


                C. BRF Contents The BRF shall elicit such information as is relevant to determine a student group’s intended use of funds. Relevant information includes, but is not limited to: (1) members of the group; (2) planned events such as speakers or happy hours; (3) leadership; (4) past budgetary history. Examples of inappropriate uses of SBA funds include, but are not limited to, (1) events closed to any student; (2) excessive spending on otherwise appropriate events; and (3) misappropriation of funds.


                D. Committee Makeup As soon as possible after receiving the BRFs, (1) the Treasurer shall convene an ad-hoc Budget Committee and (2) such Committee shall allocate the Budget. The Committee shall consist of one SBA Representative from each J.D. class as chosen by the Treasurer, and one additional Representative from the Social Committee. If possible, a prior Treasurer should serve on the Committee.


                E. Allocation The Committee shall allocate fourteen percent of the Budget to the SBA. The remaining funds can be allocated fairly to existing SBA-approved student groups.  No more than two percent shall be allocated to any student group which has not enjoyed official standing throughout the immediately preceding semester. Any funds remaining from the previous semester can be either allocated to student groups or retained by the SBA to be applied to the next semester’s Budget. The Committee shall determine amounts for certain SBA-approved student group budgetary items including recruiting meetings, copying costs, happy hours (proportionate share for co-sponsored events), and speakers. The Committee shall allocate such expenditures consistently and fairly in accordance with such standards.


                F. Conclusion of the Process The Committee shall provide its proposed Budget to all members of the SBA as soon as possible, but in any case, at least three days before the next whole body meeting. The SBA shall be allowed to ask questions of the Committee before voting on the proposed budget allocation. Amendments to the budget can be made at this meeting. Should the SBA reject the Budget, the Committee shall propose a revised Budget at a special meeting called by the President within a week of the rejection. Within two days after approval of the Budget, the Treasurer shall disseminate the Budget to the student body.


                G. Appeals The Treasurer shall entertain comments on and appeals of the Budget by open and reasonable means including, but not limited to, a meeting to take place at a time that is reasonably free of conflict with student activities.

H. Unused Funds The Treasurer shall collect unused funds from the prior semester as early as possible during the semester.