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Non-Law Course Links for Upper-level J.D. Students

  • [view] Graduate-Level Courses (click on this link and scroll to "Non-Law Courses" for information on non-law graduate-level course eligibility; Then go to WebSTAC (https://acadinfo.wustl.edu) and click on "Course Listings" to scan courses in various departments - for Arts & Sciences be sure to click on the 400+ level buttons on each department page so that it will reveal the graduate level courses)
    • [view] Business School Courses (By semester, including days/times; See links to course descriptions below or in WebSTAC; Law students should turn in MBA approval forms (found at http://law.wustl.edu/Registrar/forms/NonMBAtotakeMBA.pdf)  to the Law School Registrar's Office, and the forms will be faxed to the Business School for approval.)  Click here to view the video of the informational meeting re: business school courses.
      • [view] MBA course descriptions
      • [view] PMBA course descriptions
    • [view] MSW course descriptions
    • [view] MPH (Masters in Public Health) course descriptions

Non-Law Students Taking Law School Courses 

  • [view] Pre-registration form for Spring 2013 Negotiation (for non-law students) - coming soon
    (The deadline to submit this form will be posted here once the weekend for the course is known. After the pre-registration deadline, interested students should contact Colleen Erker at erker@wustl.edu.)
  • [view] Approval Form for Non-Law Students Taking Law School Courses
  • [view] List of Courses Non-Law Students Are Encouraged to Take 

St. Louis University School of Law Courses

Related Links

  • [view] WEBSTAC (online registration/viewing grades)
  • [view] Registrar Calendar
  • [view] Pre-Registration Forms 
    (includes forms for Clinics, Seminars, January Intersession, and Negotiation for Non-Law Students)
  • [view] Course Selection Information & Advice
  • [view] Student Exchange Programs 
    (study abroad opportunities during regular semester)
  • [view] Academic Calendars
  • [view] Student Handbook
  • [view] Historical Course Information


Contact the Registrar's office at Registrar@wulaw.wustl.edu or 314-935-4610.