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  • Note that the waitlists tend to be inflated because many students’ names are on numerous Seminar waitlists (and students cannot take more than one Seminar in the same semester).
  • Typically a few of the Seminars have openings nearer to the start of the semester, so keep checking this waitlist and watch for "SEMINARS WITH OPENINGS" &/or get your name onto the waitlists that aren't too long - and if you are on any waitlists, watch your email for messages about openings from the Registrar's Office.
  • Seminar withdrawal policy (unless there's an early drop deadline stated in the course description): once a seminar has met for the first time, a student needs the professor's permission to drop (via the approval form found at; it's okay to attach an email showing the professor's approval to the form, in lieu of an actual signature).
  • Students interested in being enrolled in or waitlisted for a Seminar should email Colleen Erker at  Seminar waitlists are kept by hand in the Registrar's Office so that students can be on numerous seminar waitlists without it affecting the maximum number of credits students can be enrolled in or waitlisted for in WebSTAC. Students are contacted by email as spots open up.

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