Summer 1998 Grade Distributions

As a service to our students we provide grade distributions for each course. The grading scale at WUSL is 65 to 100, with 70 being the minimum passing grade for JD students. A cumulative and yearly average of 75 is necessary to remain in good standing. Faculty must abide by the mandatory median guidelines when grading. (The median grade is the middle grade.) The median grade for all first-year courses must be 83. The median grade for upperclass courses must be 82 - 84 in most cases; however, that range can be extended (either down or up) if the median GPA of the students in a particular class is lower or higher than the 82 to 84 range. (For example: If the median GPA of the students in a particular class is 85.40, then the professor can use 82, 83, 84 or 85 as their median score when grading.) LLM Tax students must receive a minimum grade of 75 to pass a course and LLM Tax courses are not restricted by a median score. Grade distributions are available for the highlighted courses below. If the course name is not highlighted it means that all of the grades for that course have not been turned in (or have not yet been posted to the web.)

Alternative Dispute Resolutions (Professor Hyman)
Health Law (Professor Boozang)
Legal Profession (Professor Yarbrough)
Pretrial Practice and Procedure (Professor Berger)