Download and Upload SofTest Exam File Instructions

View pdf document of instructions.

Download Exam Files

  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Double-click the SofTest icon on your Desktop. The SofTest Launcher window should appear.
  3. Click the Download Exam Files button.
  4. Enter your six-digit student ID# and ExamSoft password.
  5. Select an exam from the list and click Download.  Continue until you have downloaded all exam files you will be taking on your laptop (including the Mock Exam). When you have downloaded your exam file(s), click Done.
  6. To take an exam now, see instructions below. Otherwise, click the Exit button.

Take a Mock Exam

  1. Double-click the SofTest icon on your Desktop.
  2. Click the Launch SofTest button. 
  3. Select THE MOCK EXAM from the Exam File drop-down list. 
  4. Enter 1-4 digits in the Exam Number field for the Mock Exam.  (Your actual examfiles should have your anonymous exam number preloaded into this field.  Be sure to verify that it matches the number on your exam envelope).
  5. Verify that all required fields (marked with a red asterisk) are filled in and click Start to start the exam. 
  6. Your computer will launch into Secure Mode. When the notice screens appear, click “OK” to advance to the next one. Type "Begin" then click Begin. If your exam is timed, this is when the countdown begins. 
  7. To exit the exam, click Exit and Save. Click Close Exam when prompted and on the yellow screen, click Exit. 
  8. NOTE:  There are multiple downloads of the Mock Exam available.  You simply need to download another one, each time.   If you run out of available downloads, contact Sue Eggemeyer ( for more.  The Mock Exam is very important:  it tests your laptop's functionality with SofTest, and it gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the SofTest software.  If you make any changes on your laptop, run a Mock Exam just to be sure it still uploads successfully.  Also, running another Mock Exam right before your actual exam is a good way to further prep for the coming exam.

Upload Answer Files

  1. If connected to the Internet, SofTest automatically uploads your answer file(s).
  2. If not connected to the Internet...
    To upload NOW, connect to the Internet and click “Yes” when prompted to upload.
    To upload LATER, click "No". When ready to upload, connect to the Internet and Double-click the "SofTest" icon.

Upload Confirmation

ExamSoft provides two methods of verifying that your answer file uploaded:

  1. You will receive system confirmation, as a pop-up screen,  that your answer file uploaded.
  2. Log in to the Exam Takers section of the website and select 'Exam History'.

You can reach ExamSoft Support at or 866-429-8889. Note that support personnel cannot provide exam file passwords nor can they extend download periods.