Laptop Exam Information

(All information posted to this page is REQUIRED READING.) 

Required Reading  

Read before downloading the exam software and files: 

  1. Only download the software and exam files if you plan to take an exam with your laptop. If you intend to handwrite your exam do not bring your laptop to the exam room. 
  2. The Examplify software must be installed on your computer's main hard drive.  When downloading the software, follow the on-screen instructions on the ExamSoft web page. You must download Examplify to your main drive (which is your C Drive for most students).  Do not move the program files or the exam files. This action may result in the loss of your completed exam file and may be viewed as tampering with the exam software.  
  3. Examplify is offered on PCs and Macs (we do not offer Examplify for tablets or I-pads).  Check the minimum system requirements at 
  4. All students using ExamSoft/Examplify must download their exam files by the exam download deadline, to the laptop you plan to use during the exam period.      
  5. You are required to take a Mock Exam at least once before you download your actual examfiles. The Mock Exam tests how well your laptop is communicating with the Examplify software, and it gives you time to become familiar with using the software.   If you do not receive system confirmation that the answerfile uploaded successfully, contact ExamSoft technical support.
  6. If you experience any laptop problems when running Examplify, contact ExamSoft technical support at 1-866-429-8889.  You can also stop by the Office of Student Life, Room 210.  If the problems persist, you should make alternate arrangements ahead of time to rent or borrow a different laptop for your exams, or you should prepare to handwrite your exam(s).  Note that the Law School does not have loaner laptops.
  7. After downloading the exam files on to your laptop, if you need to use a different laptop for any reason you must contact Danielle Harris (, 314-935-5821, Anheuser-Busch Hall, Suite 210.  Each exam file is secured and may only be downloaded, opened, and uploaded one time.
  8. Once you have installed Examplify and downloaded exam files to the laptop you will use,  do not make any system changes (updates, adding, deleting programs) to your laptop.  If you make any changes, or if your system does automatic updates, it could interfere with the ability of Examplify to function properly. 

Install and Register Examplify

  1. Visit  
  2. Log in under Exam Takers using the ID and password provided by Washington University School of Law. 
  3. Follow the directions to download, install and register the appropriate version of Examplify for your operating system:  Windows or Mac. 
  4. If you have any questions, contact ExamSoft Support via email at or toll-free at 866-429-8889. 
  5. After you register Examplify, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Download and Take a Mock Exam

  1. To Launch Examplify, double-click the Examplify icon on your Desktop (PC users) or in the Application folder (Mac users). 
  2. Enter your ID and Password.  Select the Mock Exam from Available and click Download
  3. To take the Mock Exam, select the Take an Exam button and select Mock Exam from the Available Exams. 
  4. Click Start.  Your computer will launch into Secure Mode.  When the notice screens appear, click OK to advance to the next one.  Stop at the yellow Please Wait screen. 
  5. There are 3 separate answer fields in the Mock Exam, used for essay exam answers.  Type 5-10 minutes into these fields.  You may type anything since a Mock Exam is not associated with any actual exam questions.
  6. View the informational icons along the top header, and become familiar with the options.
  7. To exit the exam when you are done, select Submit Exam from the upper left drop down option.  
  8. NOTE:  There are 10 downloads of the Mock Exam available, which are accessed by downloading one each time you want to take the exam. 

Upload Exam Answerfile

  1. If connected to the Internet, Examplify automatically uploads your answerfile. 
  2. If you are not connected to the Internet, your laptop will be able to upload once you have accessed the internet. 

Upload Confirmation

ExamSoft provides two methods of verifying that your answer file uploaded: 

  1. You will receive system confirmation, as a pop-up screen, that your answer file uploaded. 
  2. Log in to the Examplify and select Exam History

Download Remaining Exam Files - Do not Open/Launch them!

  1. Log into Examplify, view Download Exam Files. 
  2. Select your exams from the drop-down list and click Download.  Continue until you have downloaded all examfiles you will be taking on your laptop (including another Mock Exam).  
  3. DO NOT OPEN YOUR EXAMFILES until the day of each exam, when you are in the exam room and the Proctor instructs you to do so. 
  4. Click Exit when all exams are downloaded to your laptop. 

ExamSoft Support

If you have any questions, contact ExamSoft support via email at or call toll-free at 866-429-8889.

DO NOT OPEN YOUR EXAM FILE Before the Exam Assistant Instructs You To Do So ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM.


Laptop Rental Information:  

Laptop Rental
Jim Humphrey
Telephone: (636) 527-9660