Students Who Graduated Prior to 1980


Adjusted Final Average: Prior to Fall 1979 the School of Law used a grading scale ranging from 55 to 90. The change in the grading system which became effective in Fall 1979 raised the 36 point scale by 10 points and changed the credit/no credit line from 61 to 70. Final grade averages prior to Fall 1979 were retroactively adjusted by adding 10 points to the actual averages earned. This is indicated on the transcript as "Adjusted Final Average". The individual grades earned prior to Fall 1979 remain reported on the transcript in their original form.

LL.M. in Taxation Grading System: Grading scale same as above, however, students enrolled in the LL.M. Graduate Tax program were required to receive a grade of 75 or better to earn credit in a course.

Additional Grades Codes: 

AUD - Audit
PW - Permitted to withdraw
HP - High Pass
RW - Required to withdraw
P - Pass
N - Grade not recorded
LP - Low Pass
I - Incomplete
CR or CR# - Credit
RX - Re-examined in course
NCR or NCR# - No Credit
R - Course Repeated
CIP - Course in Progress
IP - In Progress


Academic Probation -- Placed on academic probation
Academic Termination -- Not eligible to continue due to poor scholarship
Disciplinary Probation -- Probationary status resulting from a violation of the Honor Code
Suspension -- Student is denied permission to continue at the School of Law for a specific period of time due to violation of the Honor Code.
Readmitted -- Readmitted by faculty action or by re-examination
Explusion -- Student is permanently denied permission to continue at the School of Law due to violation of the Honor Code

Credit: The semester "unit" or "credit hour" represents one lecture or class period (at least 52 minutes) a week for one semester. The full time law student load is a minimum of 12 units per semester.