Diplomas, Degrees, and Transcripts


All diplomas for May degree recipients are delivered to the academic schools for distribution at their recognition ceremonies. All diplomas not claimed at the special ceremonies on the day of commencement are then returned to the Office of Student Records, where diploma distribution will continue for approximately 3 weeks.

You can check your name on WebSTAC to see how your diploma will be printed. If your name is incorrect, you must request a name change in the Student Records' office. In addition to completing a change of name request, you will be asked to present proof of legal name (birth certificate, court order, passport), with picture ID.

Only official degree titles will appear on diplomas.

Replacement Diplomas

Washington University issues one original diploma. If you have lost your original, a replacement diploma may be ordered. The cost to create the new printing plate is $50 and will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. The document is identified as a replacement.
Orders should include your signed and printed name, your student identification number, and the degree and date of your conferral. Make your check payable to Washington University in U.S. dollars. Include delivery address and a phone number for our contact should questions arise.

Degrees and Transcripts

Degree name and conferral date are listed on your transcript. May degrees are posted as of the official date of conferral. August and December degrees are posted retroactively, once the Board of Trustees has approved the final degree list. Transcripts show August degrees as of the beginning of October and December degrees in early February.

Although August and December degrees are posted after the fact, the transcript will reflect the official conferral date. See the chart on the inside of this brochure for more information.

Before degrees appear on transcripts, students may contact the Deans Office to obtain official verification of degree or program completion.