Transfer Students

Please visit our Admissions website on “Transfer and Visiting Students” at  for detailed information about applying to Washington University School of Law (WUSL) as a transfer (or visiting) student.

Incoming Transfer Students Orientation and General Information  

  • 2015 Transfer Orientation Schedule (information will be posted when available

Course/Residency Requirements for Students Transferring to Washington University School of Law 

  • Course/Residency Information [TBA]
  • Total Minimum # of Credit Hours which must be taken at WUSL by a Transfer Student (assuming student completed at least 30 units doing the typical first year curriculum at previous law school):  56  
  • Total Minimum # of Full-Time Semesters which must be taken at WUSL by a Transfer Student (assuming student completed at least 2 full-time semesters at previous law school):  4 
  •  Students who have completed less than a full year at their previous law school (e.g., two out of three trimesters) will receive credit for the number of hours that they received at their previous school (with C or better scores), and fractional residency (based on 12 units and 13-14 weeks of classes as the minimum number of credits/class weeks for a full-time semester).
  • Transfer students beginning at WUSL receive a maximum of 30 units - for the courses they passed with grades of C or better at their previous law school. 

Writing Competition Information for Transfer Students  

Course Directory 

Academic Planning Guide 



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