Spring 2006 Grade Distributions (Cor-L)

W74 648A 1 Corporate Taxation Geier
W74 538P 1 Corporations Gross
W74 580A 1 Criminal Justice Administration II Goldwasser
W74 790A 1 Criminal Justice Clinic Joy
W74 502B 1 Criminal Law Brickey
W74 502B 2 Criminal Law Brickey
W74 502G 3 Criminal Law Lee
W74 502G 4 Criminal Law Lee
W74 649B 1 Critical Jurisprudence Flagg
W76 741S 1 Disability Rights Seminar Bagenstos
W76 748S 1 Education Law Seminar Brown-Nagin
W76 745S 1 Empirical Inquiries in Civil Litigation Seminar Schlanger
W74 628A 1 Estate Planning & Drafting Brody
W74 722A 1 Ethics of Lawyering in Government Clark
W74 705B 1 European Union Law Borowski
W74 547M 1 Evidence Barnes
W74 548_ 1 Family Law Appleton
W74 628B 1 Family Wealth Planning & Drafting Moore
W74 549B 1 Federal Income Tax Geier
W77 725D 1 Federal Partnership Taxation Boman
W74 621C 1 Financial Accounting for Lawyers King
W74 602C 1 Gender and Human Rights in Islam Agomo
W74 692D 1 Government Lawyering Clinic Goldwasser
W76 726S 1 Immigrants' Rights Seminar Legomsky
W74 630_ 1 Immigration Law Legomsky
W77 705B 1 Income Tax of Estates & Trusts Moore
W74 609G 1 Individual Rights & the Constitution Flagg
W74 636A 1 Information Privacy Law Richards
W74 552C 1 Insurance Law Cannon
W74 711C 1 Intellectual Property & Business Formation Clinic McManis
W74 704B 1 Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic Lipeles
W76 705S 1 International Intellectual Property Law Seminar McManis
W75 501D 1 Internet Law Fendell
W77 729B 1 Intro to U.S. Law & Methods II Greenhaw
W74 615_ 1 Land Use Law Mandelker
W76 736S 1 Law & Politics Seminar Staudt
W74 548J 1 Law & Social Work Aiken/Jonson-Reid
W78 627S 1 Legal Ethics Seminar Clark