Course Changes Summary 2006-2007

This site includes changes that have been made to the 2006-2007 Law School Course Directory since it was originally published in March 2006. Please check back regularly for current information.  (Last update: 12/03/06)

Spring 2007:

NEW WEBSTAC FEATURE: Note that the “Registration Worksheet” feature in WebSTAC has recently been upgraded by the University’s Information Systems department.  Now if you set up your courses in the worksheet in advance, they will also appear on the “Registration” course action page – so on the morning of online registration you can simply click on them to get the course numbers to dump into the correct registration fields and then you just have to click on “Add”.  Bad/slow typists rejoice!

REMINDER ABOUT MAXIMUM UNITS – Remember that the maximum number of units WebSTAC will let you register or waitlist for is18 units (no longer 21).  This should reduce the number of waitlists and their relative lengths for most students.

  • Added and Changed days/times: Alternative Dispute Resolution Theory & Practice (ADR), sections 1 - 4 - see the updated information regarding ADR sections at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430; Note that the section that was originally scheduled for Monday evening has been changed to Wednesday evening;
  • Course Number Correction:  Business Planning & Drafting, W74-583F is the correct course number – see course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430;
  • Comparative Law: Europe, Latin America, & East Asia - is not a course that satisfies the ethics requirement and should not have a shaded "E" as a superscript before its title.
  • Comparative Professional Ethics: Law & Medicine - this course DOES satisfy the J.D. ethics requirement - so a shaded "E" should appear before the course title as a superscript, and it should be on the list of courses that are part of our Ethics Curriculum in both Spring 2007 and Spring 2008 (see /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2437 for the updated list).
  • Time Change:  Comparative Professional Ethics: Law & Medicine (Allen) will meet on Monday from 5:00p-7:00p (instead of on Monday from 6:30p-8:30p);
  • Course title change: should be Construction Law: Practice & Drafting Issues in Development, Design & Contracting instead of Construction Law: Practice, Drafting and Dispute Resolution Issues in Development, Design & Contracting;
  • Units Clarification: Corporations (Crusto), is a 3 unit course (it was incorrectly listed as a 4 unit course in WebSTAC, but is now corrected);
  • Criminal Justice Administration I, W74-542A, sec 01, Emily Hughes, WF 9:30a-11:00a, 3 units – see course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2432; See Prof. Hughes’ bio under “New Faculty” at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2469 (this course has been re-added after being canceled);
  • Estate Planning & Drafting: Advanced Topics (W74-628A, sec 01, 3 units) has been added to the spring semester. It will be taught by Profs. Brody, Laiderman & Stanley, and will meet on TUE THU 4:30p-6:00p; the description for this advanced tax course can be found at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430.  [This course is designed primarily for graduate tax students. If space is available, upper-level J.D. students may take this course provided that: (1) they have successfully completed a basic course on estate and gift taxation; and (2) they receive the permission of the Director of the Graduate Tax Program, Kelly Moore.]
  • Course Description Revision: Family Wealth Planning & Drafting (note change in pre/co-requisite requirements) – read revised course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430;
  • Enrollment limit added:  Litigation Ethics & Practice Management has an enrollment limit of 24 (the enrollment limit was inadvertently omitted in the original course description, which can be found at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430;
  • International Business Transactions, W74-625B, sec 01, 3 units, MON 5:00p-7:45p, Visiting Professor Julia Ya Qin – read course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2432; read Prof. Qin’s bio at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2469; read Prof. Qin’s faculty profile at;
  • Changed Title, Description, Scheduling and Units: Internet Law: Emerging Issues (Fendell/Sableman), 2 units, M 5:00-7:00p – see updated course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430. (These changes also apply to Spring 2008);
  • Updated course description:  Natural Resources Law – see updated description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430;
  • Negotiation– Dean Syverud’s 1 unit intensive weekend course will take place on Sat, Feb. 3, 8:00a-5:00p, and Sun, Feb. 4, 12:00p-4:00p – see course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430.
  • Added days/times:  Pretrial Practice & Procedure, sections 1 - 5 - see the updated information regarding Pretrial sections at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430;
  • Section Added:  Pretrial, section 6, W74-658N, 3 units, Tue 6:00p-9:00p, Adjunct Professor Vincent Reese – read course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430;
  • Section Added:  Pretrial, section 7, W74-658N, 3 units, Fri 12:00p-3:00p, Adjunct Professor Paula Finlay Luepke – read course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430
  • Real Estate Transactions, W74-565M, sec 01, 3 units, THU 7:00p-9:45p, Visiting Professor Patrick Randolph – see course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2432; Prof. Randolph’s bio is available at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2469;  read Prof. Randolph’s faculty profile at;
  • Days/times announced:  Reel Justice, Legal Ethics Beginning with Film – will meet on WF 10:00a-11:00a, and movie screenings will be on M 6:30-9:30 – see course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2432; also, this is a 3 unit course (it was incorrectly listed as a 2 unit course in WebSTAC, but is now corrected);
  • Units Clarification:  Regulating Drugs and Other Medical Technologies (Dresser) is a 3 unit course (it was incorrectly listed as a 2 unit course in WebSTAC, but has been corrected);
  • Sports Law Planning & Drafting, W74-510D, sec 01, 2 units, TUE 6:30p-8:30p, Adjunct Professors Nick Brockmeyer and Jon Moberly – read course description at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2430; read Prof. Brockmeyer and Moberly’s bios, under New Adjunct Faculty at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2469; this course is part of the IP curriculum

Canceled Courses:

  • Advanced Trial Practice, section 3 (Rosen) has been canceled
  • Business Negotiations: Theory & Practice has been canceled
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions has been canceled
  • Criminal Justice Administration I has been canceled [See above, as this course was re-added to Spring 2007]
  • European Union Law has been canceled
  • International Criminal Law has been canceled
  • International Legal Process has been canceled
  • Law & Social Movements has been canceled
  • Lawyers & Justice: Ethics in Public Interest Lawyering has been canceled
  • Public Interest Law Speaker Series: A Readings Course has been moved from Spring 2007 to Fall 2006 and changed to a seminar called Public Interest Law & Policy Seminar.
  • Remedies has been canceled.

Fall 2007 & Spring 2008

[This refers to the tentative lists of courses for NEXT school-year, which are provided to assist 2Ls in their planning - note that they are definitely tentative]:

  • Note that the most recent versions of these lists have been significantly updated - so revisions that have not been previously announced are not being individually listed here - to see the current lists, go to:
    Fall 2007 - /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2481,
    Spring 2008 - /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2484;
  • Commercial Real Estate Practice & Drafting (McCandless & Saunders, 2 units) should be added to Spring 2008;
  • Copyright & Related Rights(McManis, 3 units) should be added to Fall 2007 and removed from Spring 2008;
  • IP Licensing (McManis, 3 units) should be added to Spring 2008 and removed from Fall 2007;
  • Natural Resources Law (Heisel, 2 units) should be added to Spring 2008.
  • Immigration Law should be deleted from the tentative list of courses to be offered in Fall 2007 (see updated list at /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2481 ). This course will not be offered during the 2007-2008 school year, so students who wish to take this course will need to take it in Fall 2006.

2006-2007 Academic Calendar (p. 2 of the course directory):

  • Add:  Wed, Nov. 15, 7:30a - Online registration begins for 3Ls and LLMs for spring courses;
  • Add:  Fri, Nov. 17, 7:30a - Online registration begins for 2Ls for spring courses;
  • Under "NOVEMBER", there should be TBAs to the left of "Online registration for spring classes for 3Ls and LLMs" and "Online registration for spring classes for 2Ls";
  • Under "NOVEMBER", the date for "Thursday class schedule (Tuesday classes will not meet)" should be Tue, Nov. 21 (not TBA);
  • Under 'NOVEMBER", the date for "Friday class schedule (Wednesday classses will not meet)" should be Wed, Nov. 22 (not TBA).

Miscellaneous Corrections

  • Page 12 - Our new professor Emily Hughes' middle initial is "A" - not "J"