Basic Steps of Online Registration


Go to WebSTAC:

  1. Enter your Student ID (your SSN or your Student ID number) and your WebSTAC password. Click on the “LOGIN” button. [If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Your Password? Click Here.” Be sure you enter a hint/passphrase combination in your WebSTAC record - that way any time you forget your password, you can answer your hint and then the system will email your password to you right away.]
  2. Click on “Registration” from the menu on left side of the screen. [Ideally, before registration day, you should set up the courses you want in "Registration Worksheet" - this way on the day of actual registration, your preferred courses will appear just under the fields where you enter the course numbers, and you can simply click on the course you want and the numbers will automatically flip into the fields - minimizing typos, and helping your speed . . . then you just have to click on the "Add" button for each course.  This is a helpful new feature in WebSTAC.]
  3. Highlight the correct semester; then click on “Submit.” This will take you to the COURSE ACTION SCREEN.
  4. If you get a prompt that says that you cannot register because you have a Hold on your university account, you can view holds on your record by clicking on “Holds” from the WebSTAC menu on the left side of the screen. Resolve the Hold immediately. For questions about financial holds, contact Student Financial Services (935-5900) or JoAnn Eckrich, Law School Associate Director of Financial Aid,, 935-4605 - or whatever office/phone number is indicated on the screen. (Students who have a Hold on their record receive notification by email from the University prior to registration; however, you are well advised to check in WebSTAC prior to registration.) Also be sure to take note of and resolve any non-financial HOLDs, such as ones from Health Services or from the Registrar’s Office (for instance, if we don’t have your undergraduate transcript or if you haven’t entered your Local or Home address/phone information into WebSTAC).
  5. To Add a Course (assuming you haven't used the "Registration Worksheet" feature - see above):
    1. Enter Dept Number. Example: “W74" [Note that some courses begin with “W75"]
    2. Enter Course Number. Example: “645B” [Note that some course numbers have only three digits and you have to tab to get to the space to type in the “Section.”]
    3. Enter Section Number. Example: “01" [Note that most law courses have only one section, so “01" will nearly always be what you input here.]
    4. Tab over “Lab” as no upper-level law courses have Labs.
    5. Grade Option. The grade “option” is pre-set, so you can skip over this field; “C” = courses that are graded numerically; “P” = courses that are graded pass/fail, modified pass/fail or credit/no credit. Law students cannot choose to take one class pass/fail, as is the case at the undergraduate level.]
    6. You may want to ignore the field that says “Tell Me” as this simply means that if the course is full, the computer should tell you that it’s full and ask you if you want to be added to the waitlist (at which point it also tells you how many students currently are on the waitlist). The other two options on that drop down menu are: “Don’t Waitlist Me” which you could select if you are certain that you do not wish to be waitlisted for this course; and, “Waitlist Me” which you could select if you are sure that you DO want to be waitlisted if the course is full as this would save you the step of having to click on “Yes” responding to the question of whether you want to be added to waitlist or not. If you stay with the default setting of “Tell Me” and the class is full, be sure to click on “Yes” right away when the system asks you if you would like to be added to the waitlist, as the longer you wait to make that decision, the more likely others could be getting on the waitlist ahead of you.
    7. Click on the green “ADD” button just to the right of the “Grade Option” field.
    8. The system will tell you if you are enrolled and will typically prompt you if you entered anything incorrectly. [Note that the system will immediately notify you if try to register for a class that conflicts with a previously entered class. You will be given the option to register regardless; however, note that law students are prohibited from taking classes that conflict - so you will eventually have to drop one of the conflicting classes.]
  6. To Waitlist For a Course:
    1. Under the “Tell Me” option, if you attempt to add a class that is full, the system will prompt you with a message telling you this and it will also tell you the number of students currently on the waitlist. It will ask if you want to be added to the waitlist. Note that you can register for a maximum number of 18 units, including courses for which you are waitlisted in the computer. Also note that if you wish to be waitlisted you should click on “YES” immediately, as it doesn’t hold that spot for you and someone else getting that same message might click on yes more quickly.
    2. If you click on “YES” then you will be waitlisted for this course and automatically enrolled in the course if a spot becomes open and you are at the top of the waitlist. You can check your registration to see if you are moving up on the waitlist (by clicking on “CLASS SCHEDULE”; however, you will likely receive an e-mail from the registration system telling you if you were moved off a waitlist and enrolled in a class - WATCH YOUR EMAIL.
  7. To Drop a Course:
    Click on the red “Drop” button to the left of the course. Please be considerate to your classmates and remember to drop yourself ASAP from courses that you do not want. Also, please drop yourself ASAP from waitlists if you know that you no longer would want the class, as sometimes the waitlists move surprisingly well and you may unexpectedly be enrolled in a class you no longer want taking up a spot that could be given to someone who still wants the class. Watch for early drop deadlines, as you can be automatically enrolled in a course you no longer want and find yourself past the drop deadline.
  8. To Change a Course:
    Click on the blue “Change” button to the left of the course. [Law students rarely have use for this function; however, one example would be if you were taking a course with variable credit option.]
  9. Print Your Schedule or See Your Place on a Waitlist*:
    To print out a schedule that shows the days/times that your classes meet and your place on any waitlists, exit out of “Registration” and click on “Class Schedule.” The “Status” column tells you whether you are enrolled or waitlisted for each course. WebSTAC processes waitlists as spots come open. The system will typically automatically enroll you and send you an email notifying you of this if you come off a waitlist. The class schedule will also eventually show you your classroom assignments. Classroom assignments are finalized and entered into WebSTAC typically just a few days before the semester begins.

    * Seminar and Clinic waitlists are not kept in WebSTAC (and therefore do not count toward the 18 maximum credits students can be enrolled in or waitlisted for). Seminar and clinic waitlists are kept by the Registrar’s Office.
  10. To Exit:
    Go to the menu on the left side of the screen; click on “Log Out” [Note that it is important that you Log Out, otherwise someone else can access your records.]

Extra copies of these instructions are available in the Student Forms area near the student mailboxes or on the Registrar’s Office website: /registrar/pages.aspx?id=2131)  Note that on the first mornings of registration (for 3Ls, LLMS and 2Ls), students with problems should contact Colleen Erker at or 314-935-6466, as she arrives in the office at ~7:00am.  But if you have a Hold, she can't override the Hold without permission from the Department that has placed the Hold.