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Lawyering Practice Externships

Professor Bobinette
W74-798A sec 01 (4 hrs)
Days and Times to be arranged
Enrollment limit: 12
Pre-requisite: A course in legal ethics. Other prerequisites may apply depending upon Externship. (See Instructor or Director of Clinical Programs)

Pre-registration: Submit form for pre-registration by Monday, April 5, 1999. Open registration continues, but placement may no longer be available. Professor Bobinette will work with interested students on an individual basis. For students who submit pre-registration and are assigned placements before April 16, the last day to drop is Friday, April 16. If placement is accepted, the student may not drop. A student who accepts a placement will receive a grade of pass or fail.

Students in various lawyering practice externships learn advocacy and litigation skills working in off-campus law offices under the supervision of clinical field supervisors. Students may handle cases in civil or criminal matters and have the opportunity to work in public or private offices.. Students engage in various phases of lawyering practice, including interviewing, counseling, investigation, drafting, negotiation, and settlement. Third-year students may participate in legal hearings, motions, trials, and appeals. Students may work at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (and possibly other public interest offices handling landlord / tenant, consumer, domestic relations, government benefits, education, and mental health cases); in the Public Defender's Office, working in the misdemeanor, juvenile, or felony units; in the criminal and civil divisions of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the E.D. Mo. in St. Louis; or in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission district office in St. Louis. This course will be graded on a pass / fail basis.

NOTE: Students interested in working at the U.S. Attorney's Office must submit F.B.I. clearance paperwork to the U.S. Attorney's Office by Wednesday, March 31, 1999. Students interested in working at Legal Services of Eastern Missouri or the Public Defender's of lice must be registered as a student with the Missouri Bar (Rule 8) and must be Rule 13 certified. Rule 13 certification is not required for placement at the E.E.O.C. but is recommended.

Students in this course must work a minimum of 224 over a period of six weeks. Students are strongly encouraged to spread the work out over a six to ten week period. Students may begin work before the beginning of regular summer school courses through arrangement with the instructor.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Once students have accepted placement, they may not drop this course, and will receive a grade of pass or fail (65).