Office of the Law School Registrar

Requirements for the J.D. Degree

1) Course Requirements - The candidate for the J.D. degree must complete the following required courses:

A) All first year courses prescribed for the year in which the candidate originally enrolled;

B) One course from the Ethics Curriculum; and

C) One Seminar

2) Academic and Residence Credit and Averages - Candidates for the J.D. must:

A) Earn a total of 85 or more credit hours;

B) Earn a cumulative and a yearly grade point average of at least 75 based upon all courses taken, whether or not credit is earned; and

C) Complete 6 semesters of residence. In order to obtain residence credit for a semester, a candidate must examine* in a minimum of 12 hours of work and must obtain final credit in a minimum of 10 hours of work. Partial residency may be given for summer school course work.

* For courses in which no examination is given (e.g., seminars, supervised research, clinical courses, etc.), "examine in" should be read to mean "completed."