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  • Make sure you know your Social Security Number (or I.D. Number) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you don't know your PIN, go to the Registrar's Office, Room 303 (bring a photo ID).
  • Check in WebSTAC (by clicking on “Holds”) to see if you have a HOLD on your record. If you do you will need to clear it before on-line registration or the system will not allow you to register. For financial questions, contact Student Financial Services (935-5900) or JoAnn Eckrich, Associate Director of Financial Aid,, 314-935-4605. (The University usually notifies students with HOLDs by mail, but to be sure, check your record on-line well before the first day of online registration to make sure that you have no HOLDs that will cause a problem for you at registration.) Students may have HOLDs on their registration for various reasons other than financial, such as failing to enter an updated Home and Local address and phone number in WebSTAC or for not complying with requests from Health Services.  Whatever the reason, the student is responsible for contacting the office placing the HOLD and getting it resolved well before the date that online registration begins.
  • Carefully plan your schedule in advance using the course directory and course selection worksheets - found online (click on “Registration Worksheet” in WebSTAC) or in the back of the course directory; extra copies are available in the Student Forms and Information area near the student mailboxes. Read course descriptions thoroughly, note pre-requisites, decide in advance if you want a course badly enough to add your name to the waitlist (you will be able to see how many people are already on the waitlist) and have alternate courses written down.  Keep in mind that in most cases waitlists eventually move quite significantly.
  • Changes regarding course offerings will be e-mailed to students and will also be posted on the Law School's web site at


  • The maximum number of credit hours you can enroll in or be waitlisted for is 21 units. REMEMBER, however, that you should drop yourself from any course or waitlist as soon as you know you no longer want the course. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE OTHERS OUT OF A COURSE BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO PREOCCUPIED TO DROP YOURSELF! YOU WOULDN'T WANT SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THAT TO YOU!
  • Waitlist Features: You can see in WebSTAC (click on "Class Schedule") where you stand on waitlists. Be sure to check your registration often because the system automatically enrolls you in a course if your name gets to the top of a waitlist and a spot comes open. The system notifies students who get off computerized waitlists by e-mail. (This does not apply to the waitlists for Seminars or Clinics, which are handled through the Registrar's Office; i.e., the Registrar's Office will contact students via e-mail, notes in mailboxes or by phone/letter regarding these course openings.)


Students can register from any computer with internet access. 

Go to WebSTAC at:   
Enter your SSN (ID) & PIN in the two fields at the top of the screen.
Click on "Registration" and follow the prompts to add/drop/change courses.


  • After logging out of the "Registration" function, print your schedule by clicking on "Class Schedule" from the WebSTAC menu
  •  If you added your name to any waitlists you should periodically view your registration to see if a spot opened up. The system will automatically enroll you in a class if your name is at the top of the waitlist and a spot comes open.  Also, keep an eye on your e-mail; in most instances the computer system will send you an e-mail notifying you that the system enrolled you. (Note that the e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address as recorded in WebSTAC - so check to make sure that your e-mail and other addresses/phone numbers in WebSTAC are correct. Seminar and clinic waitlists are kept by the Registrar's Office. If you are waitlisted for any Seminars or Clinics, this will not appear on your WebSTAC registration (which allows you to be on a number of waitlists without it taking up the 21 maximum units you are allowed to be registered in or waitlisted for).  The Registrar's Office will notify you by email if a spot opens up in a seminar or clinic.
  • It will be your responsibility to view your registration on-line and print your class schedule at the beginning of the semester to check that you are correctly registered.  Classroom assignments are typically entered into the computer and appear on your class schedule a few days before classes begin.
  • Be responsible about promptly dropping classes that you have decided not to take so that students on the waitlists can know their fates sooner rather than later.
  • WebSTAC hours for adding/dropping:  7:30a – 9:00p daily.


  • All University graduate programs (including Law) reserve the right to drop from their courses students from other departments. Law students wishing to receive law credit for a non-law course must receive authorization (by completing and following the instructions on the "Request to take a Non- Law Course for Credit" form which can be found in the Student Forms and Information area near the student mailboxes or on the Registrar’s Office website). Students who do not receive authorization for taking a non-law course, will not receive law credit for the course, and they will also likely be charged by that other department for the course. 
  • Basic Steps of Online Registration can be found in the Student Forms and Information area near the student mailboxes or it can be found on the web at Note, however, that the online registration systems prompt students step-by-step, making it unnecessary for most students to need detailed instructions in advance.


The only courses for which students do not register online are seminars & clinics (only the Registrar's Office can enroll you or waitlist you for these courses; the waitlists for these courses are not kept in WebSTAC).  Students pre-register for these courses in late March/early April of the preceding school year - for both Fall and Spring at once.  The link to seminar enrollment information can be found as part of the Table of Contents of the course directory, which is linked to the course information webpage ( ) After the pre-registration period, students may email Colleen Erker, Registrar/Assistant Dean for Student Records, at, to request to be enrolled or waitlisted for a seminar or clinic.


Contact someone in the Registrar's Office, Room 303, or 
email Colleen Erker, Assistant Dean for Student Records, at


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