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Course Directory 2005-2006
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(all updates to the 2005-2006 Course Directory dated 3/16/05)

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Spring 2006:


Spring 2006:

  • Spring 2006:  Advanced Intellectual Property Litigation (canceled due to low enrollment).
  • Spring 2006 (and Spring 2007):  Complex Civil Litigation .  Adjunct Professor Bennett will no longer be available to teach this course.
  • Lawyers & Justice: Ethics of Public Interest Lawyering (Prof. Brown-Nagin)
  • Supreme Court (Prof. Lee Epstein)


  • Spring 2006:  Legal Research, section 6, Prof. Hyla Bondareff - will meet on WED 12-1 (instead of WED 9-10).
  • Spring 2006:  Legal Research, section 7, Prof. Tove Klovning - will meet on MON 9-10 (instead of MON 10-11).
  • Spring 2006, Professor change:  Alternative Dispute Resolution, sec. 01 (MON 6-9) will be taught by Adj. Prof. Robert Litz, instead of Adj. Prof. Alan Freed.
  • Spring 2006, Corrected # of units:  Reel Justice, Legal Ethics Beginning with Film, is a 3 unit course (not a 2 unit course).
  • Spring 2006, Corrected course numbers:
    Contracts & Intellectual Property, W74-541B
    Commercial Real Estate Practice & Drafting
    , W74-710D
    Sports Law Planning & Drafting
    , W74-510D
    UCC: Article 2
    , W74-521B
    [These course numbers were previously  incorrectly reported.  Also note that the course description for UCC: Article 2 printed in that directory has been revised . . . read the new course description at]
  • Spring 2006, Correction to Pre-Requisite information listed in the "Upper-Level Registration Handout 2005-2006": There are no pre-requisites for Estate Planning & Drafting. Trusts & Estates and Estate & Gift Tax are recommended, but not required. Therefore, Estate Planning & Drafting should not be listed under the list of "Classes with Pre- or Co-Requisites". [Registration via WebSTAC.]
  • Spring 2006, Insurance Law - will be 3 units instead of 2, and will meet on TUE THU 5:00p-6:30p (instead of TUE THU 5:00p-6:00p).  
  • Spring 2006, Law & Politics Seminar, The following should have been included in the course description: "Students interested in this seminar are encouraged to first take the course Social Scientific Research for Lawyers. Although it is not a pre-requisite, students who have not taken Social Scientific Research for Lawyers will be at a marked disadvantage relative to students who have taken the course."  [Interested students should email Colleen Erker at]
  • Spring 2006, UCC: Article 2:  This course will be taught by Prof. Michael Greenfield instead of Prof. Daniel Keating, and will be taught on MTTh 10:00-11:00 (instead of MTTh 9-10).  See new course description at .
  • Fall 2006, Trademarks & Unfair Competition (Rothman) This course should be added to the list of tentative courses for Fall 2006. 
  • Spring 2007, Comparative Law (Haley): Will be taught in Spring 2007.  In the course directory, it was inadvertently listed for both Fall 2006 and Spring 2007.  It will not be taught in Fall 2006.
  • Spring 2007, American Indian Law (Gunn):  This course WILL be taught in Spring 2007, as originally indicated.
  • Spring 2007, Bankruptcy (Kearting):  Prof. Keating will not be available to teach Bankruptcy in Spring 2007.  However, Prof. Schermer continues to be scheduled to teach Bankruptcy in Fall 2006.
  •  Spring 2007, Right of Publicity Seminar (Rothman) This course should be added to the list of tentative courses for Spring 2007.
  • Spring 2007, Prof. Greenfield will teach Consumer Transactions instead of UCC: Article 2.
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