Public Service Requirements for Student Organizations

Every student organization is required to complete at least one service project per year to be eligible to receive annual funding through the Student Bar Association. Student groups who do not fulfill this requirement will be unable to request any funding though SBA for any reason.

PSAB encourages all student organizations to take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with this policy, including designating a public service position within the group. PSAB is excited to help every student group meet this requirement by providing funding, technical assistance and guidance.

PSAB provides funding for all student organization service projects. In order to receive funding, fill out the Online Application at least one month prior to the event date. You may be asked to give a brief presentation to the PSAB Executive Board to receive funding.

In addition, PSAB can assist student organizations in applying for additional funding through other resources. If your organization needs additional funding, take a look at the list of Additional Funding Resources. PSAB can assist your organization in applying for additional funding through other resources.

PSAB also provides resources and technical guidance for student organizations to meet their service requirements. If your organization needs help planning a service event, take a look at the PSAB Service Event Planning Handbook. Student organizations can also refer to the PSAB Blog to get an idea of past student organization service projects.

In addition, student organizations are encouraged to directly Contact PSAB with any questions. We are more than happy to help your organization plan an event.

When your organization has completed its service project, please send us a brief write-up and any pictures that you took for us to include in the PSAB Newsletter.

On behalf of PSAB and the entire law school community, thank you for doing your part to make a difference and fulfilling our school’s long standing commitment to public service.

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