2001-2002 Speaker Videos

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Richard Baron

Are Lawyers Relevant to the Struggle for Social Justice?

Derek Bok

Markets and Mindwork: Is Competition Harming the Practice of Law

Erin Brockovich

A Conversation with the Real Erin Brockovich

Morris Dees

A Passion for Justice

Hon. Thelton E. Henderson

Social Change, Judicial Activism, and the Public Interest Lawyer

Carrie Menkel-Meadow

ADR and Problem Solving in the Public Interest
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Peter H. Raven

Biodiversity and the Human Prospect
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Anthony Thompson

Community Justice Advocacy: Reimagining the Dream
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Michael Traynor

The Selfish Genome
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Adrien K. Wing

Global Critical Race Feminism: Legal Reform for the 21st Century
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Frank Wu

Public Service in the Private Practice
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Videos are not available for speakers before Spring 2001.