2002-2003 Speaker Videos

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Hon. Dennis W. Archer

The Value of Diversity: What the Legal Profession Must Do to Stay Ahead of the Curve
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Mary Becker

Law and the Emotions of Battered Women

Charles W. Burson and La Pierre

Campaign Finance Regulation: Money, Politics and the First Amendment
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Chai Feldblum

Equality Lessons from Religion, Disability, Sexual Orientation, and Transgender

Angela Harris

Colonies, Culture, and Capitalism: The Social Responsibilities of Lawyers in a Neo-liberal Age

Hon. Thelton Henderson

Social Change, Judicial Activism, and the Public Interest Lawyer

Deborah Rhode

Access to Justice: Ethical Responsibilities and Political Realities

Barry Scheck

Wrongful Convictions: Causes and Remedies

KoYung Tung

The World Bank's Efforts to Promote the Rule of Law
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Scott Turow - (with Panelists Michael Kahn and Marianne Wesson)

Where Have You Gone, Perry Mason

Hon. E. Norman Veasey

Reflections on Key Issues of the Professional Responsibilities of Corporate Lawyers in the 21st Century
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