Student Veterans Association (SVA)

The Student Veterans Association (SVA) exists to create a meaningful value proposition for students transitioning from military to civilian life who view professional legal education as a viable next step in their career path, as well as for non-veterans interested in future military service or veterans' affairs.

Given an expected significant increase in veterans interested in making the transition to civilian life and enrolling in law school over the next few years, SVA works to help position Washington University School of Law as the premier law school for such candidates. This work is three-fold by providing support in several critical areas: (1) recruiting, admissions, and financial aid; (2) career management; and (3) social interaction.

SVA is open to all students of the School of Law, regardless of military service, and several of the founding members are non-veterans. Our membership currently includes veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, represented by former and current enlisted and officers.